ICMYI: Person of Interest Named in Molly Bish's Murder

ICMYI: Person of Interest Named in Molly Bish’s Murder

ICMYI: Person of Interest Named in Molly Bish’s Murder

Francis “Frank” Sumner Sr. was named a person of interest in the murder of Molly Bish, a sixteen year old lifeguard who disappeared after her mother dropped her off at work in 2000.

“We got information. Every tip has to be verified. The tip was verified, and as it was verified and corroborated we got more information that led us to this point where we are today where we believe he is a person of interest — a suspect if you will,” said DA Joseph Early in relation to the case. Frank had been out on parole since 1998, after being jailed for the rape and kidnapping of another young woman.

ICMYI: Person of Interest Named in Molly Bish's Murder
Frank Sumner

Molly was set to work her shift at Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts on June 27, 2000. She disappeared not long after arriving at work, leaving behind several belongings. Her mother mentioned seeing a man she described as ‘creepy’ smoking a cigarette in the car next to him.  Her remains were discovered by a hunter three years later in the woods about five miles from where she was last seen.

It is suspected that Frank, who died in 2016, was the man Molly’s mother Magi saw on that fateful morning. There were several tips that also connected him to the crime.

The case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and several other news shows.

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Molly’s family released the following statement to the media:

“It is with grateful hearts that we extend our appreciation to the work of the Massachusetts State Police Detectives, particularly Detective Michael MacDonald, and Worcester District Attorney’s office, and the determination of both former DA John Conte and current DA Joe Early.

To the reporters who shared Molly’s story, we could not be here today, without your help.

To our family and friends, we are forever grateful for your love and strength supporting us over the past 21 years. Our hearts are heavy with our loss and the reality of what may have happened to our daughter, but we are hopeful that there will be resolution and that no one else will ever be harmed.

We are proud of Molly’s legacy of keeping children safe, advocating for families, and we feel it most strongly right now, reflected in our community.

Thank you to those brave people who provided tips and information to the detectives. We recognize how hard and scary that can be.

Our community took action on June 27, 2000 and they have not stopped supporting our search for the person responsible for hurting our Molly. You have buoyed us. When they say, it takes a village to raise a child, our village in Warren, Massachusetts has carried our broken hearts, and now helps us heal.

We are so grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you.”

More details will be released as they become available.

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