ICYMI: Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump Recap for James Kennedy and Jim Jefferies

ICYMI: Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump Recap for James Kennedy and Jim Jefferies

ICYMI: Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump Recap for James Kennedy and Jim Jefferies

This week’s Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump features guests James Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules fame and comedian  Jim Jefferies. This promises to be a fun night, since both of them are, shall we say, quite interesting.


The two men arrive at Lisa’s and enjoy a cocktail with vodka, lime, mint and cranberry….aka SUR’s Big Pinky’s. She even has a virgin one for James, who is in AA and sober. As they drink, they banter and talk about SUR and life in general.


They play a card and chip came, where the person with the most cards at the end has to make out with a pony. It seems like they have to guess which card is on their head based on description. James loses, so he has to kiss the pony. He actually is a good sport about it and says it wasn’t that bad.


Over tuna tartare rolls, they talk about their favorite Vanderpump Rules moments, which includes the time Jim was a guest and mooned people, resulting in him getting kicked out.


For dinner, the crew, which now includes Ken, Pandora and Jason, enjoy beet caviar, potatoes and lobster pasta. For some reason, the topic of poop is brought up, which is interesting. James also mentions the Raquel/Lala pasta debacle, which is actually in Lala’s new book.


After some freestyling from James, Jim talks about his recent wedding and how he accidentally ruined his wife’s wedding dress by mistaking it for a towel.

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Lisa shares how Ken proposed, which leads to James confessing that he is preparing to propose to Raquel. This has Lisa tickled pink, so she has him practice what he is going to say and do on the big night.


GET PUMPED TIME! During the game, the guys agree that they would sleep with David Beckham rather than Dame Maggie Smith. James also says he would remove a pinky if he had to remove a body part so that he can still DJ.


The next game has the gang put a piece of chocolate on their foreheads and have them move it into their mouths. It was actually done on Minute to Win It at one point and a lot of fun to try in real life.


The episode ends with them calling Scheana Shay, who is thrilled to hear from them and show off her baby bump.


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