ICYMI: B Positive Recap for A Cute Asphyxiation

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for A Cute Asphyxiation

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for A Cute Asphyxiation

The episode opens with Drew (Thomas Middleditch) and Adriana (Rosa Salazar)in bed together. He goes to kiss her and she teases him for freshening up before they shared their morning kiss. He says he wanted to be pretty for her, leading them to reminisce about their night together.


They try to make time to see each other again, but medical appointments keep getting in the way. Drew offers to come see Adriana after chemo, but she doesn’t want him seeing her like that. They joke about seeing each other in 2029 and go back to bed.


Norma (Linda Lavin) and Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) plan a cruise to Italy together and plan to meet a father/son duo….with Gina taking the dad.


Drew and Adriana come downstairs and he introduces her to the ladies Norma teases Drew until he reminds her that she lives there rent free. She goes into the kitchen and Gina suggests they do a double date when they all have free time. Adriana agrees and says goodbye.


Later on, Eli (Terrence Terrell) makes Cameos for fans, saying that he cannot believe his finances now depend on Cameos and autograph signings. Gina suggests that he burns down his house for insurance money, quickly saying that she is joking.


Eli says he is selling his gear, including his Super Bowl ring, on Ebay for money. He continues to do more Cameos and jokingly asks how much insurance money comes from burning down his house.

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The foursome meet for dinner and share stories when the waiter hands Drew a package he dropped. It turns out to be a Spice Girls shirt Adriana was admiring at the store they passed before dinner. They all discuss their favorite Spice Girls and then Adriana goes to put on the shirt.


Eli offers to pay for dinner, but Drew offers as well. Gina asks Eli to go get her coat from the car, which he takes as code for them wanting to gossip about their dates.


As soon as Eli is gone, Gina fills him in on Eli’s financial trouble. Drew agrees to pay the check, but not before complaining about getting mozzarella sticks for the table.


At dialysis, Gideon tells Drew, Eli and Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) that he needs financial backing for his one man show. Drew jokes about it, saying he is being sassy because Samantha is out of town. Drew and Jerry offer to put in $100 each, while Eli offers to put in a grand. Drew asks him about it, but Gideon tells him to mind his business.


Once Eli is gone, Drew fills the guys in on what Gina said. Jerry points out that the Super Bowl ring is on ebay, so they all decide to buy it so Eli can keep the ring and get the money.


Drew goes to visit Adriana after her chemo, but she is upset he didn’t listen when she said to leave her alone. She ends up sick to her stomach and makes him leave.

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The guys at dialysis surprise Eli with the ring, but he gets upset and storms out.


Gina and Norma discuss the cruise. As Norma shows off her new outfit, Gina tells her that she should take her daughter because they might not get many more chances together. Norma says she will think about it, but would rather take Eli.


At that moment, Eli calls to yell at Gina for telling Drew he is broke. She then calls to yell at Drew.


When Drew gets home, he and Gina bond over the complications in their relationships. They think people should be more like them and cuddle before almost being caught by Norma. She tells them that she and her daughter are going on the cruise together after all and if the daughter goes missing, not to call Dateline.


Gina and Drew call their respective significant others, but not before thanking each other for being themselves….and Gina warning him to toss out his toothbrush.


Adriana comes over to talk to Drew and they make up.


Eli comes over to make up with Gina by giving her a meat lovers pizza. He also tells her he and an old teammate are beginning a Seahawks podcast. Gina supports the idea and asks if he can throw true crime stories into the podcast.


The episode ends with Jerry trying to use the Super Bowl ring to pick up women.

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