America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/23/2022

America's Got Talent Recap for 8/23/2022

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/23/2022

Act 1: M Plus Plus (light show): What a way to begin the night! I know they had some technical difficulties tonight, but holy cow, this was an amazing act. The special effects, the dancing, everything is just top notch and incredible. They definitely deserve to be in the finals.


Howie and Heidi aren’t fans, but Simon and Sofia love it, as does Terry.


Act 2: JoJo and Bri (singing duo): They are a family singing do and take on Desiree’s You Gotta Be….this version is off the charts good. I liked the original when I was younger and now this makes me like the song even more.


Howie finds it a bit gimmicky, but the other judges enjoyed it.


Act 3: The Cline Twins (hockey act): They do a sort of hackey sack/baton/balancing act with the puck and the stick. I can’t explain it really, but the fact that they remained so in sync was quite impressive.


The judges love them, with Simon calling them the best act of the night so far.


Act 4: Amanda Mammana (singer): What a beautiful, moving performance. The fact that is is an Amanda original makes it that much better. Win or lose, she is going places.


The judges adore her!


Act 5: XOMG POP (Dance act): Cute definitely threw up on this act—the song is catchy and can these girls BE more adorable? I definitely see them doing some kind of Disney act or something.

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The judges love their cuteness and spirit, but Simon isn’t a fan of the song.


Act 6: Nicholas Ribs (magic act): That was so mind blowing—I seriously have no clue how he pulled that off. I cannot even put into words exactly what he did…but WOW. I want to see more!


The judges are blown away and love the act!


Act 7: Mia Morris (Musician): She is a looper, which means she is able to play all the instruments at the same time. It is impressive to watch…I have never seen anything like this before.


The judges are mixed on how they feel about her performance.


Act 8: Hayden Kristal (comedian): She jokes about dogs and how hard it is to give them medicine. It is obvious she is very nervous, but she is funny and cute.


The judges think her act is funny and love her personality.


Act 9: Celia Munoz (ventriloquist act): She is the one who does her act without puppets….and sings/talks/does stuff without moving her mouth. Today she is doing Hopelessly Devoted to You while eating, drinking and pretending to watch Grease.


The judges are very impressed and love the Olivia Newton John tribute.


Act 10: Funkanometry (dance duo): If Raj and Howard from BBT entered AGT….this would be it. Seriously, though….they are so cute and I do love their dancing. They are in sync, and did I mention cute and adorable?


The judges think they are fun and cute.


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Act 11: Sara James (singer/Simon’s Golden Buzzer): She takes on Rocketman from Elton John and wow! What a way to end the night. She certainly earned her place in the finals and as a fixture in the music business with this performance.


The judges are super impressed and think Elton himself might retweet or say something about this performance.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!

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