ICYMI: The Unicorn Recap for Work It

The episode opens with Wade (Walton Hoggins) talking to Delia (Michaela Watkins), Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson) and Forrest (Rob Corddry) about how Shannon is going to her ex mother in law’s wedding with her ex-husband. As he talks, Ben (Omar Benson Miller) comes in, talking about HDMI. Everyone ignored him in favor of Wade’s story.


Wade then asks if Ben’s job is hiring. Ben says he isn’t comfortable about recommending him, but he is kidding. Wade begins talking excitedly about everything, making everyone switch back to HDMI talk.


Noah (Devin Bright), Addie (Cleo Fraser)and Natalie(Makenzie Moss) want to find something to do, that does not involve studying. They decide to watch Caddyshack, which is rated R. Noah says he has seen it, but Natalie asks permission anyway. Delia thinks it is a bad idea, but Michelle thinks it is fine, until Delia begins to protest. Michelle then tells them to watch something else.


Ben introduces Wade to their boss Trey (Rob Riggle). Wade begins to shoot off some ideas and disagrees with Trey, making everyone uncomfortable. Later on at the bar, both Ben and Wade complain to Forrest about the others’ attitude while the other gets refreshments. Forrest feels uncomfortable about being in the middle.


Later on, Forrest asks Delia for advice since he sees both sides of the argument. She tells him everything will be okay, when she opens the curtains, seeing that the house has been TPed. Delia thinks Noah is the culprit, but Forrest isn’t so sure, making him once again think about being stuck in the middle.

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Trey and Wade talk about a new project with Wade offering more options. Trey is annoyed when Ben walks by and is told to fix a project that he already did. Ben says he will find a way to do it, which makes Trey happy and Wade more annoyed due to the work he has to do.


Delia goes to talk to Michelle about Noah TPing her house. Michelle says that he will never do that, so Delia goes to talk to Noah herself, bribing him to confess with cookies. She says it is not his fault, which makes Michelle angry and kicking Delia out of the house.


At the bar, Forrest takes everyone’s order. Wade requests wing sauce on the side, which causes him and Ben to fight over their job and Wade questioning everything. Forrest feels like he is in the middle and he finally confesses that they both make good points. They keep fighting, causing Forrest to become agitated.


The next day, Wade gives Natalie and Grace Ruby Jay)their lunches, which has random things in them. Wade begins to stress out and the girls remind him about the softball debacle that caused the team to hate him.


Wade and Delia talk about her fight with Michelle when they hear Addie and Natalie talking. After Natalie leaves, they ask Addie what is so funny, which leads to Addie confessing to TPing her own house. She also cleaned it up. Delia freaks out, while Wade says that she is going to act out now that she is a teenager. Addie feels like she is understood and goes to her room.

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Delia tells Wade that had a lot of backbone and realizes she needs to apologize to Michelle, who is complaining about Delia to Ben. She says they are having dinner with her on Friday because she can forgive her friends. Ben begins to realize he is being immature.


At work the next day, Wade is going along with what Trey wanted, which causes Ben to tell him to be himself. Trey says he doesn’t like the work Wade did and they give him options, which Trey says is what he wanted in the first place. Wade and Ben make up.


The episode ends with Michelle and Delia cooking together. Michelle tries to make Delia feel guilty, but then they also make up. Wade walks in with pizzas that Noah ordered as revenge, frustrating Michelle.

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