Mompreneur and Influencer Mrs Latruth Releases Self Love Empowerment Journal


By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee

Mrs LaTruth, born Briana Hampton in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is a popular social media influencer with more than a 5 million following– 1.2 million on Facebook alone. Widely known for posting skits with LaTruth in which she pranks him, praises him, and provides beautiful insight into their marriage, Mrs LaTruth is also a model, a published author, and “mompreneur.” The Self Love Empowerment Journal aims to encourage, uplift, and inspire women to love themselves and prioritize their own personal growth journey.


You are a popular social media influencer with more than a 5-million following. What do you attribute to your popularity? 

I am a mother, wife, and advocate for self-love. On all of my platforms, I encourage women to learn about self-love and knowing their worth. I am transparent and honest with my followers as they are to me as well. I stand with women and not against them. I try my best to encourage, uplift, and inspire them. 


Share your background. 

I am a proud mom of four and a wife to a supportive husband. I am also an entrepreneur. I love inspiring and uplifting women. I love to model and I love doing pranks and educational skits. I was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and raised in Southfield, Michigan. I’ve always loved helping people ever since I was a kid when I used to take food out of my cabinets and give it to the other kids and families in my neighborhood. Growing up I wanted to be in healthcare because I loved helping people and putting a smile on people’s faces. I later moved back to North Carolina and I began working at a hospital in Wilson, North Carolina. After working there a few months I met my husband via Facebook. It was love at first phone call lol. We had so many similarities. My mom passed away from cancer, his mom passed away from cancer. My husband was a Gemini and so was my mom amongst a lot more things. It was almost as if my mom sent my husband to me. Four years later here we are sharing content with the world and building empires together and individually. 

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Tell us about Klassy Queens and Mrs. LaTruth Boutique & Dance Studio. 

Klassy Queens- Bundles/ Wigs ( My mom was diagnosed with cancer and she started to lose her hair and she didn’t feel pretty. We would try all types of hairstyles to make her feel pretty and one wig made her feel Beautiful. From then on I decided I wanted to help other women feel beautiful who felt less than. So I decided to start Klassy Queens. ) 


Mrs. Latruth Boutique & Dance Studio – I started this company because I wanted a place that was different and unique. I don’t know of any dance studios that also has a boutique. I also wanted a place where women could shop, let their hair down and be themselves without feeling judged. So it’s unique you shop during the day and dance at night.)


What inspires you?

My mom is who inspired me. My mom was my rock. She would give you her best and was always there when you needed her. My mom always uplifted and encouraged me. My mom left a mark on everyone’s heart when she passed she was a phenomenal woman.


Why are people gravitating towards you in huge numbers? What will we find in your social media posts?

I am a positive force and movement. I stay away from drama. I just want women to see that you can be positive and inspire without being negative. I want women to see that it is okay putting yourself first. I want women to see that self-love is the best love and let me show you why and how. I’m constantly uplifting and encouraging on my platforms. I’m never negative to them and I let them know that they are not beneath me and that we are all human. We as women have to stick together instead of competing with one another.

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How have you turned your social media influence into wealth?

Collaborations with brand deals, promotions for business, and advertisers on videos.



What are some of the self-love tips you are offering during the pandemic?

Dating ourselves is HUGE! We must fall in love with who we are so that we can share and show others how to love us. Self-love begins with knowing who you are and loving and accepting you for all that you are and all that you come with flaws and all. I think we tend to forget about ourselves often because we are mothers, we are fathers, we are wives, we are husbands and we all have jobs to tend to. Even through all of the duties we carry we cannot forget about ourselves. It’s a ripple effect if you’re not well and how can you attend to someone else?


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have an old soul and I love old school music even though I’m only 28 I love old school music more than today’s music.



You recently launched your first book, Self Love Is The Best Love Empowerment Journal. Tell us about it. 


My Self Love Empowerment Journal is a project I created to encourage, uplift, and inspire women to love themselves and prioritize their personal growth journey. In today’s world, there are not many women who embody empowerment outside of it being a theme or trend. It is rare to hear women speak about their true journey of self-love. This journal challenges our readers to critically think of the current ways their life is prioritizing their mental health and self-love journey (or lack thereof) while stimulating further thought on how to love yourself first and create a healthy growing environment for your future self.

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Tell us about your promotional book tour.  

My book tour starts March 2021. I’m so excited to meet and greet all of my supporters and to have the chance to travel the world sharing positivity and love.


 Share your goals for 2021. 

I am looking forward to doing the Women’s Conference, my book tour, and meet and greets at colleges or high schools to spread more knowledge about self-love. I am also releasing my children’s workbook for self-love is the best love so stay tuned.

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