Pregnant and Deadly’s Sarah Minnich Interviewed


Lifetime has done it again! The fan favorite TV station is set to release another movie tonight that promises to be a huge hit. Pregnant and Deadly,  which has an all star cast, tells the story of a couple who are moving on with their lives after a car accident. Little do they know, their new neighbor was also in the accident, which resulted in her losing her baby. This leads to a ton of drama and intense moments for everyone involved. 

Sarah Minnich stars in the movie as Jessica.  She recently took some time  to talk to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. Below are some of thee highlights from our chat.   

1. She described her character as a woman scorned who is angry over events that occurred a few years prior. She revealed that she channeled her ‘inner bad girl’ by tapping into her inner Sharon Stone circa Basic Instinct. She also dug into herself to see how she would react in that specific situation of losing a child. 

2. Sarah also loved working with the cast,  especially Christa B. Allen. She said she learned a lot from her and thinks very highly of her as an actress and a friend. She also says she learned a lot from everyone else involved in the movie. 

3. So what is next for her? Sarah revealed that she has several projects in the works, including two feature films. One of them has her starring opposite Nicholas Cage and the other has her playing the wife of Justin Long. She is also in talks. for several other projects, but you will need to keep tuning in to see what they are. 

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4. People would be surprised to know that Sarah is a horticulturist.  She loves being in greenhouses and has a love for working  with cacti. In fact,  her father is a leading expert on cactus,   which led to her falling in love with the plant and horticulture.

5. Like most people,  Sarah is a huge Game of Thrones fan. She not only loves the show, but she is also a fan of the books. She also enjoys any kind of fantasy fiction as reading material, including the Harry Potter series. 

Pregnant and Deadly airs tonight on Lifetime at 8pm. 

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