Stars on Mars Recap for 8/14/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 8/14/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 8/14/2023

-Plutoto is the new pup on Mars.

-Marshawn is having issues getting back into the HAB, but finally gets in.

-Ariel is still ‘on a high’ from last night’s mission. However, she thinks she may be a target to go home next.

-Paul wants to be Base Commander. Cat supports this, but only if she can be Mission Specialist. Everyone else is iffy on this but he says that this is his chance to prove himself.

-Ariel also wants to be Base Commander, so it comes down to a vote, which Paul wins.

-Tinashe and Ariel go outside to make a safe enclosure for the new Rad Puppy.

-Porsha and Marshawn inventory the food supply while Adam and Cat work on the plants.

-Shatty Daddy tells them the Rad Dog ran away and is missing. They now need to find him and prove they are mission critical.

-The team gets to work in hopes of finding the dog within the allotted time. Paul and Cat are inside, while everyone else follows their commands outside.

-Since there are a ton of issues, Paul splits the group up in hopes of finding the dog.

-Everything seems touch and go, but they are able to complete the mission and save the pup.

-Shatty Daddy tells them that they need to decide who is mission critical and who is not.

-Marshawn, Porsha and Ariel are in the bottom three. Ariel admits she was not mission critical and self-eliminates.

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-More next week, stay tuned.

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