Celebrity Spotlight: Carly Hughes

Carly Hughes is an incredible actress and woman that has been entertaining and inspiring a nation for the past few years, both in theatre and on television. Her career is allowing her to become a household name and her determination and ambition is making her a role model for women everywhere.


The same could be said for her character of Jackie in the new Lifetime movie The Christmas Edition, which premieres this weekend. Like Carly, Jackie is an ambitious woman who wants to succeed in life, but is faced with roadblocks along the way. She ends up moving to Alaska, where she takes on a new job, learning lessons about love, life and everything in between. Without giving too much away, we will get to see Jackie develop into a stronger woman as her job is put on the line, thanks to the evil Melanie (played by Marie Osmond).


In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Carly gushed over the movie, which was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most movies have the luxury of time to film without restrictions, the cast and crew for this movie had to deal with social distancing and finishing on a tighter timeline. However, Carly is grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to see how Lifetime fans react to the movie. She also spoke very highly of her co-stars, whom she bonded with in a very different and special way during the pandemic filming.


Carly is an incredible woman with lots of talent, a good work ethic and stands up for what is right. Seeing her act is a gift. Getting to talk to her is an honor. Feeling as if you have a friend at the end of the interview? That is a true blessing, especially during this special time of year. I cannot wait to see what Carly does next and cheer her on as she continues to succeed.

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