The Amazing Race 32 Recap for 10/14/2020: Where Do They Go?

Tonight we finally get to see season 32 of The Amazing Race on CBS. The season was filmed before the pandemic (two years, I believe), so everyone was able to travel without restrictions. We get a recap of some of the series highlights before getting down to business.


Meet the teams! We have DeAngelo and Gary, Kaylynn and Haley, Leo and Alana, Will and James, Nathan and Cody, Riley and Madison, Hung and Chee, Michelle and Victoria, Jerry and Frank, Eswar and Aparna and Kellie and LaVonne.


Phil Keoghan greets them and says their first clue is in their backpacks. They must head to LAX and fly to Trinidad (Saint Augustine), where their next clue is waiting. Everyone rushes to get there via taxi.


Once they are in Trinidad, it is time to find the first clue. Riley and Madison find it first and rush off to grab a pair of drum oils to take to a carnival, where they find the Midnight Robber. He will give them tickets to Tobago, where they find their next clue.


The other teams follow suit, with Eswar and Aparna bringing up the rear. The first seven teams will be on the first flight, while the others will be on a different one.


Flight one consists of DeAngelo and Gary, Jerry and Frank, Riley and Madison, Hung and Chee, Nathan and Cody, Michelle and Victoria and Will and James. Everyone else is on flight number two. The first and second flights are only thirty minutes apart, by Haley thinks they can still catch up if the people on the first flight make mistakes.

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The teams have to head to Swallows Beach, where their next clue is waiting. This leads to a task of finding fish that match the ones on their boat. They then have to figure out the combination lock to get the next clue.


Everyone seems to struggle with the task. In fact, it takes Hung and Chee 55 times to figure it out. Other teams use trial and error since they cannot remember the fish on the boat. Kellie also struggles due to her dyslexia.


The clue takes them to Pigeon Point.  Michelle and Victoria are in the lead and begin the road block.  They have to sing Day-O with a live band. They will get the next clue once it is done to the band’s satisfaction.


Chee and Hung pass on the first try, taking the lead from Michelle and Victoria. They head to the pit stop at Bucco Integrated Facility….racing on goat reigns.


Phil tells them they are the first team to arrive and now must head to Colombia.


The other teams continue to struggle with the tasks and road blocks. Michelle and Victoria end up in second place and follow Chee and Hung to Colombia. They are followed by Riley and Madison, Will and James, Jerry and Frank, Leo and Alana, Eswar and Aparna, Kaylynn and Haley, Kelly and LaVonne, DeAngelo and Gary and Nathan and Cody.


Since Nathan and Cody are the last to arrive, they are eliminated. Cody feels responsible for the loss, but Nathan is glad he got to share this memory with his best friend.

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More next week, stay tuned!


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