Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/14/2020: Who Won POV?

Tonight is the next POV competition on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. There are only five houseguests left, with Nicole guaranteed a spot in the final four, thanks to being HOH. Christmas and Memphis are on the block, so there is a chance one of them will be sent to jury tomorrow, unless someone uses the POV and backdoors another player.


Nicole lets anyone who will listen know that she is going after Memphis because he is good in competitions and she just does not like the dude. She tells Christmas she is safe…..however, Enzo and Cody know they are the ones with the power this week, provided the POV isn’t used. They are also the only ones who have never been on the block.


Enzo mocks Christmas for being clueless, while Cody plans to target Memphis if the nominations stay the same. Both guys have a final two deal, so they tell Christmas and Memphis what they want to hear, even though they have no intentions on protecting anyone but themselves.


Enzo talks to Nicole and throws Christmas under the bus, while Christmas tries to make a final two deal with Nicole. She points out that they are even now that they have targeted each other. She agrees, even though she has a final two deal with Cody.


Veto comp time! This is one of those match the comic competitions that features former players Enzo is awful at it, Cody complains, Memphis seems out of it and Christmas struggles, giving Nicole the win.

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Christmas tries to talk her way off the block to Nicole, while Memphis fails to realize he may be screwed at this point. Cody and Enzo think it might be best to save Memphis.


POV time! Nicole keeps the nominations the same and tomorrow we find out if Christmas or Memphis will be going to jury. Stay tuned!

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