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The Amazing Race 4/24/19 Quick-Cap

Here is a quick look at what happened tonight on CBS’s The Amazing Race. The remaining ten couples went to Laos, where they faced more adventures, drama and a double U-Turn. At the end of the night, one couple was eliminated.

When they get to Laos, they get baskets to present to monks.

U-Turn was used on Tyler and Korey (by Becca and Floyd) and Becca and Floyd (by Elissa and Rachel)

Detour: ABCs or BBQ. The ABC detour had the teams  learn the country’s  version of the  alphabet, while the BBQ had them prepare meat skewers.

Roadblock: Elephant ride! This will lead them to a  musician, who will  give them the next clue.

Cute moments: Nicole  kissing the elephant before she leaves, Korey and Tyler….existing. Those two win at life.

Random thoughts: Britney is hilarious. I love how Rachel and Elissa made this into a sister event and left their men at home.

Pit Stop: Prince Phetsarath’s Palace

Order of Arrival:

1st place: Leo & Jamal (Won a cash prize)

2nd place: Nicole & Victor

3rd place: Rachel & Elissa

4th place: Colin & Christie

5th place: Janelle & Britney

6th place: Corinne & Eliza

7th place: Tyler & Korey

8th place: Chris & Bret

9th place: Becca & Floyd

10th place: Rupert & Laura (Eliminated)

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