Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

The episode begins with Candace and her male best friend hosting a vocal training session. While I do believe Candiace has talent, this episode she didn’t display the vocal capabilties many of us believe she may possess.

    We move on to Giselle and Robyn (known as the Green-Eyed Bandits) inviting Karen to this upscale tea establishment to discuss Giselle’s supposed “concerns” with Karen’s current well-being. This is all stemming from Wendy sharing with the Bandits what Karen discussed a few episodes ago during her drunken stopper. One of the many things they’re horning in on is when Karen expressed her dissatisfaction with her husband Ray’s lack of gratitude. This angers Karen, and she imitates how Wendy “slithered” down the steps to interrupt the conversation between herself and Candace an episode prior.

    Robyn is throwing a photoshop for the ladies of the cast, exempt Monique, to add more faces to her website in hopes of marketing diversity for her brand of hats that she’s currently selling called “Embellishment”. 

    Ashley goes to a solo therapy session to discuss how she doesn’t feel sexy, and she’s starting to view her body more for their son Dean, as opposed to Michael. Intriguing…

    Candiace was offered a record deal by Chucky Thompson and his colleague after her husband Chris submitted to them a finished version of the wedding song she dedicated to him.

    Giselle invites Ashley over to her new renovated home to see the current state of the “tear down barn” as Candiace once referenced last season. During this visit Giselle expresses that if Monique attends the trip, her, Robyn, Wendy, and Candiace would not attend, ultimately imposing upon Ashley’s decision to not invite Monique.

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    At the photo shoot there was a model who looks like a younger version of Katie Ross, a former cast member. The model shades the former cast mate by asking “who’s that?” and The Green-Eyed Bandits bust out laughing and use that as an opportunity to engage in some shade… Oh how unexpected *Yawn*.

    The Green Eyes Bandits and Wendy link to share what Karen said about Wendy.

    Ashley announces to the ladies that they are going on a cast trip, once again excluding Monique, to Portugal. Before they leave, Wendy wants to clear the air with Karen. This initiates a verbal showdown between the two, conveniently created by the dynamic duo, no other than The Green-Eyed Bandits. Wendy throws her four degrees in Karen’s face while she rebutted with the grace of common sense and being blessed as the reason, she obtained her wealth.

    The episode ends with Monique counter suing Candiace, and this enrages Candiace further fueling the feud between the two.

    Overall, this episode was one of the better ones of the season (saved by Karen and Wendy’s quarrel) but not the best, obviously. I would rate it a 7 out of 10.


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