Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/10/2020: Who Was Evicted?

Tonight is the fifth live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother. It is going to be between Bayleigh and Da’Vonne because Christmas decided to not use her POV. David also opted not to use his replay power.


Needless to say, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are both angry with Christmas, with Bayleigh refusing a hug from her and Da’Vonne saying Christmas is cancelled. She goes to talk to her and Christmas says that putting Tyler on the block would be bad for her game. She also says she has nothing to worry about and it is Bayleigh she is after. Christmas also told Cody this, saying that she doesn’t like how Bayleigh plays with her emotions.


Tyler also says that Christmas did the right thing for her game and they hug it out.


David and Enzo discuss trying to flip the house to get Bayleigh to stay, but don’t think they can get anyone else to agree.


However, that is put on hold when Cody finds out his grandfather died. The competitiveness is put on hold and everyone gathers around him to offer comfort.


Da’Vonne hears Christmas talking about Bayleigh being emotional and goes to defend her friend. The two of them begin fighting.


Bayliegh gets involved and also begins fighting with Christmas, who starts ranting and raving as she leaves the HOH room. Bayleigh calls her a coward and they continue to fight.


Eviction time! In a 9-0 vote, Bayleigh is evicted from the house. She says her goodbyes and then chats with Julie before leaving for good.

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HOH time! It is an endurance competition where they must sit on a ledge. The last one standing wins and the first three to fall are have nots for the week. Stay tuned to see who wins on Sunday.

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