America’s Got Talent Finale Recap for 9/23/2020: Who Won It All?

Tonight is the season fifteen America’s Got Talent finale. One of the top ten acts is about to win a million dollars and headline a show in Las Vegas. However, there is a lot to do before we get to that moment.


The first hour is a countdown to the finale, which gives a montage for each of the top ten contestants. Then we get down to business! First up, an introductory performance by USHER.


After some more fun moments from the season, Cristina Rae sings with Ryan Tedder’s OneRepublic in a beautiful, heartfelt performance. I never would have thought of this collaboration, but here we go. I love it!,


Then the top ten perform Lean on Me as a group and again, it is exactly what our world needs right now.


The Bello Sisters then perform with Bishop Briggs, Alan Silva and Deadly Games. Again, this is a very unexpected, yet most welcome collaboration. I am loving how well the acts mesh together even though they all have their own unique style.


Archie Williams and a pastor sing the song that got him through his prison sentence. It has special meaning to him and you can feel the meaning as you watch. Chills! Then Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex gives him a shout out. I did not at all see that coming.


Daneliya Tuleshova and Ava Max do a duet. Ava reminds me of a baby Christina Aguilera and Daneliya just nails the performance. I also love her dress.


Detroit Youth Choir, who were finalists last season perform again and I had forgotten how good they are….here’s to hoping we see more of them.

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After some fun moments with Howie, we get to Broken Roots and Blake Shelton collaborating. After seeing them together, I want them to tour together, maybe Broken Roots can be an opening act?


We get some family shout outs, then we learn Kia is giving the winner and runner up brand new cars!


V Unbeatable and Bad Salsa do a dance collaboration and this needs to be a thing, for, like, ever! Give them a TV show, a tour, a dance platform on a cruise….something!


After some trivia between the judges and Terry, we get to Mat Franco teaching Terry some magic.


Roberta Battaglia and Kenadi Dodds collaborate with JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. It was a great way to end the season’s performances and I got my wish of a Kenadi and Roberta collaboration.


Brandon gives a spoken word performance to help introduce the moment we have all been waiting for…..



Alan Silva and the Bello Sisters are called to the stage. The act in the top five is….Alan Silva.


Cristina Rae and Daneliya Tuleshova are the next called to the stage. The next act in the top five is Cristina. I thought they would BOTH be there.


Bad Salsa and Broken Roots are called up next. Broken Roots are in, Bad Salsa is out!


Roberta Battaglia and Kenadi Dodds are the next to find out their fates. The next act in the top five is….Roberta.


Brandon Leake  and Archie Williams are the final two to find out where they stand. Brandon is in the top five, Archie is eliminated.

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The act in fifth place is…..Alan Silva! He talks about how this meant the world to him and Heidi gives him some words of wisdom.


The act in fourth place is Roberta Battaglia! She shares her joy for being on the show, while Sofia tells her how amazing she is and that she loves her.


The act in third place is Cristina Rae! She gets a montage as she thanks her fans and gets some sweet words from Heidi.


Now it is down to Broken Roots and Brandon Leake. After a montage, we find out the winner of season 15 of AGT is……BRANDON LEAKE!!!! Congratulations!




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