America’s Got Talent Finale Part 1 Recap for 9/14/2021

America's Got Talent Finale Part 1 Recap for 9/14/2021

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- “Finale” Episode 1619 -- Pictured: Northwell Nurse Choir -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Finale Part 1 Recap for 9/14/2021

Tonight is night one of the America’s Got Talent finale on NBC. There are a lot of incredible moments to be seen and yet, only one winner will be announced tomorrow night.


Jimmie Herrod: Wow, he kicked off the competition like nobody’s business tonight. As always, he sang his heart out and impressed everyone. My only worry for him is that he will succumb to the first performer curse and lose votes.


However, the judges love his pure voice and how he made such a comeback after being in danger last time.


Lea Kyle: Her sense of fashion and the magic added made this act completely unforgettable. However, it seemed to go wayyyyy too fast. It was like a blink and then you miss it act.


The judges seem to like what they saw and call her the best quick change artist in the world/


Victory Brinker: She is not only adorable, but her voice seems to get better with every performance. At only nine years old, that is quite impressive. Being able to belt out Ave Maria like that is even more impressive.


The judges call her a star and tell her she has a chance to win.


Gina Brillon: She is the lady in red tonight, joking about her husband, marriage and motherhood. She is so relatable and fun, kind of like a live-action Cathy from the comic strip… a woman living her best  life and making people laugh.

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The judges pay tribute to Norm Macdonald, the comic great who passed away today. They love how comfortable she is on stage and how she is relatable to so many people.


World Taekwondo Demonstration Team: As usual, this act is full of action, high kicks and drama straight from a movie. In fact, I can see them doing some sort of movie in the future with Dwayne Johnson or something. I love every moment of it.


The judges think it is brilliant and amazing.


Aidan Bryant: The fire-themed act is in a word….FIRE. Every spin, twist and move is top notch, making it even more impressive that he is self taught. My jaw is on the floor from start to finish.


The judges love it and even give him a standing ovation….even though Howie preferred the last performance.


Brooke Simpson: Her voice is so incredible! She is certainly on her way to becoming one of the greats in the music business….think Diana Ross, Bette Midler and the like.


The judges love her and think America will as well.


Dustin Tavella: This act is about his parents’ difficult marriage and his dad getting sober. There is such a beautiful message of hope and love in this act that I hope he uses this magic and combines it with a motivational speaking career.


The judges predict he will be one of the last two standing.


Josh Blue: He is such an inspiration to so many people. I love every minute of watching his act and love hat he just seems to have a huge heart filled with positivity and love. I have no doubt that he is going to have an incredible career post-AGT.

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The judges are just as amazed by him!


Northwell Health Nurse Choir: What a way to end the night! I literally cannot stop crying. Just beautiful and breathtaking….there is nothing left to say.


The judges love him and think they are unforgettable.


Finale part 2 next week, stay tuned!

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