Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S10,E16: The Finale

It is the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season has been filled with drama, tears and travel, along with sex, accusations and lies. Now it is all coming to a head tonight.


We open with Kyle and Sutton at Sutton’s store. They are displaying Kyle’s fashion line, which was featured in the premiere. Kyle is thrilled that Sutton is keeping her promise to carry it.


Garcelle and her team toast the beginning of her new movie Split Marriage.


Dorit and PK plan a housewarming party. She looks back on her legal and financial issues, as well as her issues with Lisa and the Denise debacle. I love how Dorit is defending Denise and how she stands up to PK when he interrupts her.


Lisa and Teddi FaceTime Erika, who is in NYC for her Broadway debut. Then they talk about Denise and how she has to take responsibility for her actions….and how Lisa has been a great friend.


The ladies get ready for the party at Dorit’s with their glam squads. As they all arrive, PK has them try his new nonalcoholic wine, which Lisa says is sex without the orgasm. Or shall I say Roxanne?


Everyone says hello and mingles while Garcelle and her boyfriend Michael go to get Denise at her hotel. However, Denise is not there and not answering her phone.


Back at the party, Dorit thanks everyone for coming (and is shushed by her daughter) and introduces her mentalist friend Simon. He does a trick with Teddi’s ring and a floating cigarette.

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Garcelle arrives and explains that Denise is a no show and not answering her calls. Everyone is upset, but not surprised. Lisa says she was texting her this morning and texts her again. Dorit calls because she is worried.


Michael talks to the guys about Garcelle, while the ladies discuss how Denise is talking to Camille…..and wonder why.


Kim and Brandi arrive. Sutton talks to Brandi and tells her she needs to know when to keep her mouth shut. Kim shows off her new boobs and tries to get Kyle and Maurico to touch them.


Garcelle tries to get information from Brandi about Denise to see what is true and what isn’t. Then a random producer says Denise had an emergency and couldn’t come. Garcelle is upset because Denise bailed without saying anything to her.


Dorit, Lisa and Garcelle meet for drinks. Dorit says she is sorry she didn’t come, but they would talk soon. Garcelle says Denise said she didn’t want her to lie for her, so she didn’t answer her call. Everyone is confused and wonder why Denise is lying. They also wonder why she keeps blowing them off.


Now we are in January with headlines and the infamous cease and desist. Then Denise meets with Lisa to talk things out. Lisa more or less shames her and accuses her of lying. Denise tries to defend herself and threatens to expose some texts of her own. She also points out that there are apps that fake texts.

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Lisa then gets into the cease and desist and Denise says that she is rising above this and explained things to her daughters about the rumors and why she is holding her head high. They agree to disagree and are still friends, or so it seems.


Sutton takes Lisa, Kyle and Teddi in her private jet to see Erika on Broadway. Dorit is meeting them and no one is sure if Garcelle is coming. They all meet Erika and hug.



Erika got rave reviews on Broadway, but went back to LA due to COVID.


Garcelle and Michael broke up.


Teddi gave birth to a baby girl named Dove.


Kyle’s fashionline is being sold online and selling out.


Denise is refilming her soap, with Aaron as her lover’s stand in.


Lisa is dancing on Instagram with Harry finally home.


Dorit is filming her daughter doing a cooking show since her Capri room was shut down to COVID.


Reunion begins next week, stay tuned.

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