Celebrity Spotlight: Kyle Klaus

YouTube sensation Kyle Klaus talks to TVGrapevine about his up and coming career.

Tell me a bit about yourself and career. 

My name is Kyle Klaus. I grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pottstown, a really great place to grow up. Later on, after high school I’ve grown interested in acting and the arts but I couldn’t see how that could be possible in a small town, and also I’ve always struggled to consider acting a real career. I didn’t want to be just another starving artist. I wanted to be successful, financially independent, and able to sustain a happy and abundant life even if it took a while for this acting career to be getting off the ground. There’s just so much uncertainty in acting. Having to rely on someone else to give you a part. So I decided to dive into real estate and other entrepreneurial endeavors, while keeping pursuing my acting career.

How would you describe Your YouTube channel? 

Honestly it kind of came about from the hopes of being able to share my own story, while at the same time sharing my knowledge about being financially knowledgeable so that you can pursue your dreams. I’ve always wanted to write a book based on how to become a millionaire while doing exactly what you want. What that means is how to create a life around your big  dreams and what it is that you are ultimately interested in, and play the long game so that you set yourself up for the future.

What made you decide to make it? 

Well truthfully I started before the pandemic, but during the pandemic, seeing some of my actor friends forced to move out of the city because they were living paycheck to paycheck and now the bars and restaurants that they worked in were no longer open. I just felt like if they had set themselves up a little bit more from the start they wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff. I don’t feel sorry for anyone. I’m just giving an overall idea about how you can do little things, live well below your means, set yourself up with smart investments and knowledge about money and how to make it work for you. And you could have a pretty abundant lifestyle that is rewarding for whatever you want to do.

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What do you hope people like about it? 

I hope these stories I share on my channel will give people some hope and inspiration. I hope they’ll also get some knowledge out of it that they can eventually use on building the foundation of their own empires, and make their dreams come true.


What were some challenges of making it? 

Where do I start? The whole analysis paralysis mentality. Not sure how to shoot it, not sure how to edit it, not sure which video I wanted to shoot first, and  so forth… Then I decided to just start shooting a bunch of videos around the topics I wanted to communicate to my audience, without worrying about the next step. But probably the biggest challenge was shooting my intro video, and explaining in a few words  why I’m doing this.

What are some of your favorite memories from working on it? 

Figuring out a new venture for myself and seeing some of my videos really takeoff gave me such a big satisfaction. I would say the best moment was when my first video went viral, and got tons of likes and new followers. It really was exciting, especially because it came in the most organic way, without me doing anything to push it to my other platforms on social media, or any other sort of cross promotion at all.

What else are you working on? 

Right now I’m working on a script with a buddy of mine who lives in LA. It’s a  feel good dramedy and I believe will speak to a lot of people. We’ve just completed it and now are revising it and looking into how to get it out there. Stay tuned.

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