Celebrity Spotlight: Michael Rabe

Michael Rabe is an up and coming writer and actor who is slowly but surely making his way to the top. While he may not be a household name quite yet, he is well on his way. He has the talent, drive and looks that make him one of 2020’s Stars to Watch. 

The Homeland alum can currently be seen in Big Dogs, which premiered earlier this month on Prime Video and Tubi. In the series, he plays the role of More, a man who has a very mysterious life. He recently took time to talk to TVGrapevine about his life and the show. Below are some of the highlights fro our chat.

1. Right now, he is doing a lot of writing while in quarantine. He admits that he is in a bit of a holding pattern, but is looking forward to going to work again once things open up again. 

His writing is inspired by real life and how his mind spirals thinking about the event. This is true in his current projects, which include a post apocalyptic screenplay and another one about the world of biking.

2. Michael LOVED shooting Big Dogs, despite the fact that it was a dark show. For almost every scene, he was paired with Manny Perez, whom he had never worked with before. They immediately hit it off and became very close friends. 

He also got to do several stunts he had never done before, which he enjoyed immensely. 

3. He describes More as a highly skilled operative who has spend most of his life in service. More has very specific goals, which he tries to reach in an unorthodox manner. However, things get complicated when he develops a a bond with his partner. 

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4. His favorite memory of filming was when he and Manny, along with others, were in the precinct together and being reprimanded by the captain, who is played by Brett Cullen. For him, it was a joy to get to work with everyone, especially Brett.

5. When he is not working, he is on his bike (riding about five hours a day) or playing the guitar. His older brother is a musician, which is what inspired him to learn as well. He would often pick up the guitar as a kid and decided to continue it for fun as an adult.

Check out Big Dogs on Prime Video and Tubi!

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