Fuller House Season 5, Episode 11: Three Weddings and a Musical Recap

The episode opens with Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ preparing for their first day of wedding planning. DJ breaks out the champagne glasses and Stephanie is excited because they are drinking in the morning. However, DJ pours coffee into the glasses instead. Steph thinks this is more on brand. 

Kimmy toasts to them and the planning experience, saying it may be the coffee talking, but she loves them. They sip their drinks and Steph cringes, saying it is still just coffee.

Steve walks in and greets his fiancée, which DJ returns with a kiss. Fernando comes out and greets Kimmy, while Stephanie sits there, making snarky comments. 

The guys say they are also doing their own wedding preparations and argue over who is the leader of their he-wolf pack. Steve says he has to start going to meetings because he had no idea Fernando was the leader….or what was going on.

DJ says Steve is babysitting Danielle and Tommy and they kiss again. Steph says she would continue being snarky, but it is hard to get free childcare.

The ladies prepare to leave for the expo and Kimmy has a big suitcase for free swag. Ramona comes in and knows exactly what the bag is for. Kimmy makes her guess where she got the bag and Ramona guesses a luggage expo. Kimmy says it was from the airport luggage carousel at an airport. She says it is fair game once it goes around twice. Steph says that is not how it works, and Kimmy says that she wasn’t complaining when she gave her free stuff from it. 

Ramona says to wish her luck because she is trying out for the school musical. Fernando says he is proud and makes a High School Musical joke. Kimmy says next thing they know, she will give them attitude like Zac Efron did when they cornered him in the alley.

Jackson says he is also auditioning. DJ says he always had the soul of an artist, but Jackson says he only is doing it to get out of PE. DJ says to give her something to work with. 

He shows them how he has been practicing for a non speaking role. Max says that he has been trying to cast him for that role for years. 

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DJ reminds them they are all meeting at the expo later to look at outfits. Max says that he has practice for a chess tournament. He adds that if he talks napkin patterns, there goes the whole day. He just says no animal prints and points to Kimmy.

At the expo, Steph points out the cake bar, candy bar and the best bar, an open bar. 

DJ of course has a checklist on what to do, while Kimmy stocks up on goodies. A woman named Maureen introduces herself and is aware of Kimmy’s party planning company, which they were warned about in the morning meeting. 

The ladies explain their triple wedding (not to each other) to Maureen. She thinks this is inanity to please all of them. The ladies think it will be fine, until they say they have different ideas. DJ is sure they can find something they can agree on and tells Maureen they need too hash out more details. 

Fernando pops out of Kimmy’s bag and says next time let him out before they begin planning. Steph tells him that he could have also paid the $5 entrance fee. He asks if he looks like a fool as he eats the cookies Kimmy put in the bag. DJ says yes.

Steve sees Max in the kitchen playing chess. He is working on the Budapest Gambit and says it is going fine.

Ramona walks in and Steve asks her about the audition. She says you never know what these things…..and then says she KILLED IT, brought it back to life and killed it again for fun.

Jackson walks in and Max teases him about being non speaking tree #5. Jackson says he was asked to speak and sing, which is speaking with melody and rhythm. Steve says he is already learning things. Jackson says he enjoyed it and usually when all eyes are on him, it is when he is wearing Ramona’s pants.

They get the cast list and Ramona is an understudy….while Jackson is the lead. Ramona thinks this is a mistake, while Max thinks this got interesting. 

Steve tells Ramona Jackson must have impressed the director and asked what he did. Jackson said the director said he sung like an angel, but assumed he said that to everyone. 

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Ramona says a jock slumming it in theatre is so early Glee. Steve says he shouldn’t tell her he liked early Glee. Jackson says he shouldn’t say he thought he was auditioning for Cats.

Jackson and Ramona walk off. Steve asks Max to play a game of chess. Max agrees and says Steve got too confident since he got engaged to his mom. Steve beats him using his signature move, frustrating Max and making him storm off in a huff. 

At the wedding expo, Fernando is excited and taking advantage of the perks, such as facials and teeth whitening. he cannot focus on helping the he-wolves in this wonderland….and goes off to have more fun.

DJ comes up to them in a tiara, holding red roses. She thinks they are timeless and classic, but Kimmy and Steph think they are boring. Steph thinks they are too formal for a barefoot beach wedding. Kimmy says Steve would be too distracted by the bunions and says there need to be dogs there to dance with the cats. Steph says no to the animals, but yes to a karaoke machine so she can sing When Doves Cry with a drunk cousin. 

DJ  realizes they are disagreeing when Berta from the wedding shop recognizes her. Steph remembers her based on DJ’s imitations. Berta does her own imitation of DJ. 

Berta agrees to give them a good deal on dresses if they replace her runway models for the fashion show. They don’t want to until she blackmails them about smuggling in Fernando. 

Steve. makes Tommy a sandwich. Tommy says no crust and Steve assures him he is the sandwich guy. Max walks in ans Steve calls him Bobby Fischer and says he was searching for him. Max is still upset about losing the game and wants a rematch. 

As Max gets the boars, Jackson walks in, asking for advice about what to do about the play. Steve now understands why parents are so tired. Jackson calls him a problem solver and Steve says he is more than a pretty face. 

Ramona walks in and says he should drop out because she worked so hard for this and he stumbled into it. She doesn’t think he can handle it and says he is doing the play. Steve reminds them to get to the expo and they storm off in opposite directions. 

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Steve asks Tommy if they are cool and he again asks for no crust. 

The ladies are dressed for the fashion show and the dresses are completely gaudy and ugly. They all hope her wedding dresses are better. Steph says they look like frozen yogurt and says she ordered a machine for their wedding, leading to more arguing. Steph compares DJ to a PSL and she compares her to Bud Light but cannot finish the insult because she doesnt drink beer. 

Berta tells them it is go time.

Steve and Max continue their game and Max wins using skill. He tells Steve to buy his book It’s Called Skill. Steve wishes he stuck with it and been more than a jock. He admits he is a secret nerd and they bond. Max is happy about this and he has someone else on his team for Trivial Pursuit, since he is usually stuck with Jackson or Cosmo. 

At the fashion show, the girls continue to argue on the runway, while Jackson and Ramona continue their arguement on the expo floor. DJ and Steph trip over and rip Kimmy’s dress and they continue to argue….until they hear Jackson singing. They agree to have him sing at the wedding, not knowing it is him.

DJ sees him and is proud of her son, telling everyone he is the singer. 

Ramona realizes how good he is and would be proud to be his understudy. 

The girls apologize and agree to compromise. DJ says Kimmy cannot wear the bird hat, so Kimmy says she can have it. They hug as the episode ends.

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