Fuller House: S5: E10 If The Suit Fits

The episode opens with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy talking about binging and how they want more. Ramona walks in and asks what they are talking about. They all answer with ice cream, because what else would they be talking about? Ramona then asks them about the triple wedding and the expo they plan on attending. 

The ladies cannot believe they are doing this and Kimmy asks if it wasn’t a dream, like the pony singing Hanging Tough. Ramona leaves to binge her favorite family sitcom.

Kimmy and DJ talk about their kids adjusting to the weddings. DJ is worried about the boys, and Stephanie says they love Steve and will be fine. DJ worries about Max adjusting to change especially since he doesn’t adjust to change well, he even boycotted CBS when Blue Bloods recast Jennifer Esposito.

DJ says Steve is not just marrying her, but also her entire family. However, she thinks Steve will be fine.

At that moment, he comes in saying he is a nervous wreck. He wants the kids to embrace him since he is marrying into the entire family. s He then says he has gifts for the kids…video games for Jackson, Sherlock DVDs for Max and shiny keys for Tommy. He also has cash and an Arby’s gift card, which Kimmy and Stephanie take. 

DJ then sits down with Tommy, Jackson and Max to talk about Steve moving in. Jackson asks if he will be there for breakfast every morning and DJ says that will change, but everything else will be staying the same. Max asks if he will eat sandwiches for breakfast and DJ asks if there are any other questions. Max pretends to be sad in order to get a trip to Disneyland, but it doesn’t work. DJ goes to chat with Cosmo the dog.

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Joey shows up and tries to get everyone’s attention with his cartoon voices. No one comes until he says he is alone. Then everyone greets him with hugs. He has a surprise for them and asks why didn’t anyone read his group text?

Stephanie says she blocked him when he kept texting about his keto diet. He says that was two years ago and she says he looks fabulous. 

After a few guesses, he says he is giving the happy couples a joint engagement party. Kimmy asks if it is a the Korean BBQ place that hasn’t passed inspection in a decade….because she ate there last night.

He says he wants to so something special and there will be another surprise. Fernando asks if he is going to stop using silly accents, and Joey asks if he is going there. 

It turns out he invited Kimmy and Jimmy’s parents as another surprise. Kimmy and Jimmy are surprised they are coming since they haven’t seen them in 20 years. 

Kimmy is excited, but Fernando is not, and says they do not like him. They haven’t met Ramona or seen Kimmy with straightened hair, which makes her more excited.

Stephanie and Jimmy discuss his parents over coffee. Stephanie never met them and had no desire to after meeting Kimmy.

Fernando and Kimmy come in with him whining over the Gibblers not liking him. He says he is like Raymond and everyone loves him. Kimmy apologizes that they didn’t get the best first impressions and he says he was the exact husband they assumed he would be.

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Jimmy and Kimmy prepare Fernando and Stephanie for the meeting by planning on role playing their parents….but not with robots, as Jimmy suggested. 

Joey and DJ talk as she cleans her closet. She finds her late husband’s special occasion suit. She is caught off guard and  tells Joey about the memories of Tommy (her husband)wearing it. She says he would want her to be happy and Steve makes her happy. She plans to give the suit to Goodwill.

Jackson and Steve come in to collect the boxes and Jackson sees the suit. He gets upset and storms off. DJ is confused and goes to talk to him. Steve stops her and tells her to give him time. 

Joey comes back to get one of DJ’s old shirts to give to his wife Ginger.  

Kimmy and Jimmy practice their role play, confusing Stephanie and Fernando. Ramona comes in mid role play and is also confused. She reminds herself there are fifteen months until college. 

Everyone gets ready to leave, but Jackson is staying behind. DJ says he won’t talk to her, so Steve offers to have a chat with him. Max accuses him of wanting to avoid the Gibblers, which he doesn’t exactly deny.

Steve and Jackson have a man to man chat. Jackson says he likes Steve,but seeing the suit made things real for him. Steve says he is there to be the man who loves his family, not replace his dad. He then gives him a garment bag and leaves….but tells Jackson to say he was there longer in order to avoid meeting the Gibblers.

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The party is in full swing and Kimmy thanks Joey for all he has done. She says she plans on asking her dad to walk her down the aisle. Joey says he is a lucky guy.

Stephanie is nervous about meeting the Gibblers. 

Steve arrives at the same time as a singing telegram, who has a message for everyone.

The Gibblers are not coming, leaving Kimmy heartbroken. She runs off, so Joey goes to talk to her. Jimmy says he is fine, but feels bad that Kimmy is upset. The singing telegram lady comes back to ask about validated parking, but Jimmy says there is none.

Joey and Kimmy talk about how the Tanners welcomed them as family and he agrees to walk her down the aisle. They share the news with the Tanners, who are shocked Joey was able to help Kimmy. Fernando says her parents should realize what a treasure Kimmy is, and Ramona is fine not knowing them.

Jimmy and Kimmy decide to role play their parents again when Jackson walks in….wearing his Dad’s suit, which Steve had tailored for him special. It is a tender moment for mother and son as they hug. He finally accepts Steve and they also hug.

Joey leads a toast for the family as the episode comes to a close.

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