America’s Got Talent: Recap for 6/16/2020

It is the fourth night of auditions for season fifteen of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and it promises to be quite an interesting season. Sofia Vergara joins the judges table, along with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Terry Crews hosts. 

Noah: He is dressed like Pinocchio, doing a pop and lock routine. There is contortion, break dancing and so many moves I cannot even begin to identify. It is the kind of act I would love to see more of in the future. FOUR YESES.

 Luca DiStefano: He sings Let’s Get It On and it is amazing. I have a hard time believing someone this young has this much talent and charisma, but here you go. I am not sure how he will stack up against the other singers, but he has potential and promise. FOUR YESES. 

After a montage of rejected acts, we get down to business. 

WAFFLE Crew: They are a dance troupe that look like they came from the set of High School Musical. LOVE them to pieces. SIMON GIVES THEM THE GOLDEN BUZZER. He believes in them and says this is what he has been waiting for on the show. 

Neal Nolan: He lost his dad to suicide and it impacted his life. He wants to to this in his memory. He is also a recovering addict and wants to be and do better. If they hadn’t already used the Golden Buzzer, this would have been it. WOW. FOUR YESES.

Christine: She is a 55 year old stand up comic who hopes this is her time to shine. She jokes about weight, motherhood, marriage, and life. She reminds me of the 90s duo The Mommies. She froze midway and it throws her off, but everyone encourages her to continue. Sadly, she does not make it to the next round. Howie comes to see her and gives her some words of wisdom and a hug.

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Olox: They are a singing duo that start off slow, but eventually end up having everyone clapping and cheering along. It is like nothing I have ever heard before. I cannot even put into words. FOUR YESES.

The second part has new rules due to Heidi being sick. Two yeses make it to the next round.

Ashley: She is a singer and WOW. Mariah Carey has nothing on her. What a powerhouse! However, Simon makes her sing another song because it was overbearing. She then sings a capella and is just as good. He still isn’t impressed. They have her come back later and try again. 

Marco Angelo: He plays the diablo and I have never seen anything like this before. He has another guy (his brother) help him with the tricks…..and it is hard to know where to look. They are on to the next round.

Ashley’s Return!!! She sings an original song she wrote for her dad and she should have just done this in the first place. Beautiful and perfect. WOW. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Her dad comes out to see her get in the next round.

Brett: He is a sword swallower and gets Sofa to help him with his act. There are some swallowing jokes and it is so intense I have to cover my eyes and look through my fingers. It leads to a lot of off color jokes and more swallowing. He then gets all the judges on stage and I am again covering my eyes. It is so dangerous, but so intense. THREE YESES!

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More next week, stay tuned. 

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