The Biggest Loser S18 E5: Swimming, Stepping and Sisterhood

Biggest loser

Tonight is week five of The Biggest Loser on USA Network. Last week, we saw Delores.  go home and that he is working on not only becoming healthier but also improving her life as a whole.

Bob gives them a pep talk, saying that a one pound loss doesn’t mean they did bad, it just happens sometimes. He talks to them about plateauing and how they can’t let the fear get the better of them.

Their workout this week is off campus at a pool. Erica and Steve want to switch things up shock their bodies. They are worried about how they look in swimsuits,but Erica wants them to forget that and go with it. 

The ladies try to have fun with it and play runway. However, they still feel insecure and hug each other for encouragement. They do aqua workouts, which is actually kind of cool. I am not a big water person myself, but I’d give this a whirl. Some examples include jumping jacks, running and racing. 

Challenge time! It is the AMRAP challenge, which is As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible. They will be doing step aerobics and the winning team will get 3 pound advantage at the weigh in. The win will be determined by the final contestant standing. 

The blue team wins with 1,316 steps and gets their advantage. The red team is understandably upset.

Steve talks to everyone about their eating and drinking habits and it becomes apparent that Micah uses booze to numb his feelings. Everyone is concerned and they offer help and advice. Steve is especially concerned and hopes he gets the help he needs. 

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Kim and Katarina bond and are afraid of the other one leaving and being alone. They are so sweet and I love it.

After the last chance workout, we get to the weigh in. As an aside, I love how encouraging these trainers are bonding with the contestants. It is truly becoming a family affair. 

Weigh in:

Kim: 218-4=214 lbs and 1.83%

Jim: 330-7=223 lbs. and 2.12%

Megan: 254-5=249 lbs and 1.97% 

Kristi: 235-7=228 lbs and 2.98% 

Kyle: 270-5=265 lbs and 1.85%

Katarina: 261-4=257 lbs and 1.53% 

Micah: 289-7=282 lbs and 2.42%

Teri: 228-4=224 lbs and 1.75%

The blue team wins with 2.33%.

The red team had 2.09%. Katarina is going home. Erica says she lost 36 lbs, but is leaving a new woman in more ways than one. She gets a nutritionist, support group and gym membership. 

UPDATE: She is 233 lbs and is bouncing back from her bad breakup.  She looks fantastic.

More next week, stay tuned!

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