The Biggest Loser: And Then There Were Six

Biggest loser

Tonight is week six of The Biggest Loser on USA Network. Last week, we saw Katarina go home, where she continued to lose more weight and gain confidence she never knew she had. 

Erica gives the red team a pep talk too prepare them for the week. She also gives them advice on what to eat when they are done working out. She suggests fruit, nuts and seeds. She says the latter can be kept in the glove box. 

Kim quips that she has lots of jelly in her car and Erica wants her to throw it away.

Steve has his term do the dirty thirty workout, which is thirty reps of ten workouts. Erica has her team work out as well, reminding them they are doing things they weren’t able to do before. 

Today’s challenge is an obstacle relay course and the winning team will get a 2 lb advantage at the weigh in. Megan on the blue team sits out because there is an extra person on the team. 

Kyle and Teri are up first….but stop because Teri gets hurt. It looks like she did something to her ankle, so the medics take her away. 

Since the red team has one less person, another person on the blue team must sit out. Kyle sits out, so now Kim and Kristi are up first.

Kristi finishes in 2.31, Kim in 2.51

Micah in 1.10, beating Jim and winning the challenge for blue team.

Bob tells them Teri is going to be fine. 

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Everyone discusses triggers and it is very eye operating. Kyle says it was stress from work and his personal life. Therefore, he would turn to food.

Kim and Megan say it is being in the car and craving sodas and fast food. 

Micah talks about how his mom always feeds him a lot of food to make up for missing out on his childhood. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. 

Bob says this is normal and they need to learn how to say no. He also has them focus on a word that describes them and remember it in those moments of being triggered.

Erica and Teri talk and it turns out although she is ok, her ankle is broken. Erica tells her it isn’t over and they are going to work on this together. She gives her different workouts to do for the last chance workout, while everyone else does their usual.

Weigh in:

Micah: 282-5=277 lbs and 1.77% 

Kyle: 265-5=260lbs and 1.89%

Kristi: 228-2=226 lbs and 0.88%  

Kim: 214-3=211lbs and 1.40% 

Teri: 224-6=218 lbs and 2.68% (they weighed her boot separately and deducted it from her loss) 

Megan: 249-2=247lbs and .80% 

Jim: 323-13 lbs=310 lbs (no percentage given)

This means that Megan is going home. She gets a nutritionist, support group and gym membership to help her out at home. 

UPDATE: She feels and looks amazing. 

Next week, everyone competes as individuals, not teams. Stay tuned!

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