Super Bowl LIV Snark and Recap

Super Bowl LIV

It is Super Bowl LIV!! We have had fifty-four years of games and this one will hopefully prove to be just as exciting. As per usual, I will bring the fun, entertainment and snark as I recap!

This pre show is kind of boring, to be honest. I am using the time to cook dinner and prep for the week. (Made chili and meat for tacos later in the week in case anyone is interested.)

There is a moment of silence for Chris Doleman and those who died in the helicopter crash last weekend: Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Ara Zobayan, Christina 

Mauser, John Altobelli, Kerri Altobelli and Alyssa Altobelli.

We then take a look back at the history of the Super Bowl and the NFL, honoring the greatest players and coaches of all time. I find it cute several of them were also on Dancing With The Stars. I’m also taking bets on which ones will be on next! (My money is on Bill Belichick) 

The Rock is introducing the Chiefs, who are in the Super Bowl for the first time in a half a century. 

He also introduced the 49ers! 

Erin Andrews looks so cute,I love that outfit.

Chris Meyers seems like a cool guy to get a beer with and talk about the game. 

Christine Sun Kim is signing, while Yolanda Adams and the Miami Youth Choir sing. She is PHENOMENAL!

Then we have the Joint Service Color Guard from various members of the armed forces. Thank you all for your service.

Demi Lovato performs the National Anthem. She sounds INCREDIBLE! I think she was one of the best performers of this song in a very long time. 

Colonel McGee presents the coin tonight. Bill Vinovich is the ref.

ANDDDDDD it begins!!

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Butttttt…..not before we get to commercials.Mulan live action looks kind of cool. 

Jake from State Farm returns….but a different Jake who gives a more detailed description and asks if this is normal. OG Jake says it is.

OK, that Tillman tribute made me tear up. 

Ohhh, dropped the ball on that one…..LITERALLY.

The rookie picks up 32!

I never understood football, I never will pretend to get it, but it is always quite entertaining. It reminds me of Jerry Springer mixed with WWE and a bunch of guys with cute butts wearing tight pants. 

Now it just looks like a game of catch and rolling in the field…..brings new meaning to rolling with the homies. 

3 points for the 49ers!

F9!!! I cannot wait to see this.


We lost sound. WTF, FOX? WTF?

Penalty was declined, third down.

What is it with these guys dropping balls?

These guys need better control of their balls. 

Okay, the Jason Momsa commercial was funny. 



They mentioned the window Jimmy Garappalo has, I thought they said Janeane Garafalo and was not only confused, but wondered whatever happened to her….and now want to watch Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Now and Then…..two of my favorite movies which also happen to have her in them.

So far, I am not impressed with these commercials.

MC Hammer’s Cheetos popcorn commercial is funny, though.

Second quarter!

Catch, fall, drop…good job there, Sparky!

Another flag!

I wish they would have the two old men from the Muppets give commentary…even for a parody commercial.

1/5 penalties for the 49ers, 2/10 for the Chiefs.

 Rush 9, 12 Pass for the Chiefs.

He looked like he got the ball, said F it and tossed it half heartedly to the other guy.

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31 yard attempt by the Chiefs….giving them 3 more points. 

WTF with this avocado commercial. 



Two minute warning! Still tied….

That was the big OMG Mr. Peanut commercial? We saw the Kool Aid Man’s tears bring the baby Peanut back to life. 

Baby Nut will be the new Baby Yoda!

Who else cried during that Google commercial?

More fun with flags…Sheldon Cooper would be so proud!

Calais Campbell won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

That shade of red Shakira is wearing is gorgeous. 

This performance and these songs are giving me college flashbacks. 

I want to look as hot as J.Lo when I’m her age….or, like, at all. She is gorgeous. 

I have no clue who all these other people are though. #SammiIsOld

::Mentally makes plans to go to the gym tomorrow::

These kids are so cute.

Best halftime show in years. 

Michael Strahan!!! I so want to be BFF with that guy!

I forgot to pick up my mic, ha! That was a good save though. This panel has a great sense of humor. 

That Sodastream commercial was funny. Mars water? I thought it was Mark’s water. 


177 total yards

2/3 3rd downs

0/0 4th downs

0/0 takeaways/points off


155 total yards

1/6 3rd downs

2/2 4th downs

1/3 takeaways/points off

Third quarter….not much happening. One guy went boom on his butt. They fought over the ball. Nothing too exciting. 

42 yard attempt by the 49ers….giving them another 3 points. 

13-10 49ers.

Sherman brought him down……

Everyone seems to be falling down or hitting each other.

How HAVE Trish’s co-workers never heard of Take 5 bars? 

They look like little kids playing tag now. 

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Nice somersault! 


I just saw two local commercials during the Super Bowl. It reminds me of the Smart Guy episode where TJ switched his dad’s commercial so it would play during the game.

Fourth quarter….not a ton happening yet.

I feel like most of this game was calling out mistakes,mostly ones made by the Chiefs. 

Another flag….more fun with flags…Sheldon Cooper would be so proud.

These commercials are even getting boring.

This last quarter is so uneventful.

Oh,look….another flag.

3 more points for the Chiefs!

Make that 4!

Now they are in the lead 23-20!!!! i don’t know what the heck happened, but wow!

OK, it was a TD catch by Damien Williams. 

Wait…maybe not….scoring review is happening….

Now it’s 24-20. 

More fun with flags…this time, due to a false start.

That was a bit aggressive. Babe, this is the Super Bowl, not Jerry Springer.

This Let It Go car commercial….needs to let it go.

Last minute and a half…..

Williams got them another touchdown!!


Make that 31-20!!

Now another time out for the 49ers. I hate to break it to them, but it would take a miracle, Mother Love, and some sort of divine intervention for you to beat the Chiefs with only 30 seconds left. 




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