Super Bowl 58 Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl 58 Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl 58 Snark and Highlights

Swifties, rest easy! Our girl has arrived to the game safe and sound!

Andra Day’s performance was incredible! I am in awe of her….wow…Lift Every Voice and Sing is an amazing song and she did such a great job!

Post Malone sang America the Beautiful….and WOW. I was always a fan but tonight I became a Super FAN!

Reba sang the national anthem and showed us why she is such an icon.

-Chiefs win the coin toss…..and…..LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! PLAY BALL! Wrong shows/sports! Dim the lights, here we go? Eh, the game begins!

-So far, the commercials are boring. I feel like they have dropped the ball on them over the past few years.

-No touchdowns yet, but we have had some Fun with Flags!

-What a fumble by McCaffrey! Poor guy!

-So far, no Taylor sightings.

-Michael Cera’s CeraVe commercial is the best of the bunch so far.

-Jake Moody scores 3 for the 49ers! Longest field goal in Super Bowl history to boot! Mazel tov!!!!

-Spongebob and pals are in the audience.

-The Suits reunion T-Mobile commercial was so unexpected,. I also loved Bradley Cooper with his mom… adorable.

-More Fun with Flags!

-Twisters Trailer—WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!

-Wicked Trailer…..WOOT WOOT!!


-The Fall Guy too! This is making me want to go to the movies!

-Deadpool and Wolverine!


Despicable Me 4! These movie trailers are better than the game!


-Okay, back to the game, where there is more Fun with Flags.

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-Nothing is really happening. Everyone looks super pissed off.

-Caramel Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Sounds…..interesting.

-Dre Greenlaw is injured and carted off the field. I hope he is okay!

-Taylor sighting as Travis waves to the crowd!

-Wait, Travis is throwing a hissy fit over that fumble? Is he out of the game now? He pushed his coach? No excuse, buddy! NONE!

-Finally a touchdown! 49ers are in the lead! What a comeback for McCaffrey!!!

-Score is 10-0!!!

-AWE, Young Sheldon commercial….so sad it is ending!

-The Dunkin’ commercial with Tom Brady, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and J.Lo. wins for best of the night so far.

-Kennedy landing a Super Bowl Presidential ad is not at all what I expected and the biggest surprise of the night.

-Score 3 for the Chiefs….thanks, Harrison Butker.

-There seems to be tension on the field. I know it is stressful, but calm down, gentlemen!

-Every time I see a local ad, I think of the Smart Guy episode where TJ had his dad’s company’s commercial air during the game.

-Time for the USHER concert, friends!!!!

-WTF even is this halftime show? I have no words for it….and I was so excited for it. I hate to say it, but they just should have gotten Taylor to do it. I loved Alicia Keys, Ludacris and Lil’Jon appearing, but the rest was….off? I can’t explain it.

-If Trailer!

-Interception from a Penn State alum. WE ARE!!!!!!

-That Uber Eats commercial was hilarious….Rachel forgetting Ross…..maybe they were on a break all this time?

-That overthrow by Mahomes leading to an interception by Brown completely killed a Chiefs comeback.

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-The Pfizer commercial made me cry and smile at the same time…..everyone clapping for the little girl leaving the cancer unit and Queen Don’t Stop Me Now…..what a powerful commercial.

-Holy crap, that injury looks scary AF. Poor Deebo Samuel!

-Butker gets the Chiefs another 3 points due to a field goal! Breaking the record that Moody set just hours earlier.

-Going back to the ads, Beyonce being in one was such an unexpected, but lovely surprise!

-That fumble by McCloud trying to pick up the ball….oh, honey…..


-13-10 Chiefs!!!!

-Injury time out……looks like Feliciano got hurt when being pushed back. It looks super serious, I hope he is okay!

-This is a wild quarter, I can’t keep up with all this craziness.

-Andddddd……the 49ers steal the game with another touchdown….all thanks to Jennings, Purdy and Moody….even if their one point was blocked.

-Not gonna lie, I totally zoned out for the last 20 minutes. I did take the time I was zoned out to paint my toenails though, so there is that.

-That Kia commercial where the dad took his daughter to see her grandpa to reenact her ice skating routine made me ugly cry like no other.

-Taylor sighting. Her look is awesome tonight, that outfit and lipstick are FIRE!

-So much back and forth and craziness…..sometimes this game goes too fast that it is hard to know what is happening.

-Chiefs get a field goal… now the game is tied. Thanks for that, Butker!

-And another field goal for the 49ers! Thanks, Moody!

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-Was that dude sleeping?

-There are more timeouts than there are in a preschool. Sheesh.

-All the mistakes and craziness in these last few minutes is so wild.

-Looks like there is an injury again…I can’t see who it is though.

-It all comes down to this….and we get a tie thanks to Butker….

-Did that dude run off the field to go potty?

-Why does Kelce look pissed off again?

-All these penalties and time outs and people on the ground….is this the Super Bowl or preschool?

-49ers are in the lead with 22 points to the Chiefs’ 19. Again, thanks to our guy Moody!

-Is this another time out? Freaking REALLY?

-I don’t know if I am tired, bored or both, but I keep zoning out here.


-Mahomes has the cutest kids!

-Not going to lie, Taylor hugging Travis was pretty cute.

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