Super Bowl LV: Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl LV: Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl LV: Snark and Highlights

It is time for Super Bowl LV! The Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, giving Tom Brady his tenth Super Bowl game. We all know nine of those were with the New England Patriots, but now he is with a new team, so let’s see how he does, shall we?


Here are some of the top moments from the game”:


  • I confess I missed the first fifteen minutes of the game trying to set up my Apple TV box, but seeing as the score is 0-0, I don’t think I missed much. I do hear I missed an incredible rendition of the National Anthem, so I will have to look for it on YouTube later.


  • Three points for the Chiefs!


  • TOUCHDOWN for the BUCCANEERS! Gronk and Brady are back in action!


  • These commercials are so boring this year. I only liked the Doordash Sesame Street one so far.


  • So far quarter one is 7-3 Buccaneers.


  • How many Mountain Dew flavors are there? Really?


  • I am so glad Nick Jonas did the commercial for Type 1 Diabetes.


  • There are more flags in this game than Sheldon Cooper featured on Fun With Flags.


  • KC is getting more interceptions than anything else today.


  • Another Bucs touchdown…..with the penalty declined.


  • Score is now 14-3…Bucs.


  • It is officially the Gronk and Brady show!


  • WTF was that Tide commercial?


  • ANDDDDDDD another Bucs touchdown, thank you, Antonio Brown.
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  • Score is now 21-6


  • That one dude on the Chiefs looks PISSED. Like, toddler at naptime pissed.


  • Mathieu is NOT a happy bunny right now.


  • Dora The Explorer, Spongebob, Beavis and Butthead all in the same commerical. Okay, then.


  • We also have Drake in a commercial, but he will always be Jimmy from Degrassi to me.


  • The Chiefs have more penalties than toddlers who refuse to nap or listen at daycare. What next? They will have to stand in the corner?


  • The Weeknd is doing a decent job at the halftime show. I never knew much about him, except that he was the dude who dated Bella Hadid. However, he has talent and is cute!


  • Another FG for KC! Thanks, Harrison B!


  • Another touchdown for the Bucs! Thanks to Leonard Fournette!


  • 28-9, Bucs winning.


  • Now 31-9, Bucs! Thanks to a FG!


  • A lot of these commercials are so boring, but the It Takes All of Us one made me tear up.


  • Dude, how many flags and penalties are we going to get by the end of this game?


  • I totally nodded out during the last quarter and when I woke up, nothing was different. Same score, another flag and a penalty.


  • Why does it look like fighting and tantrums? Do these guys need naptime?




  • The Bucs coach telling his mommy he loved her is the cutest thing ever!


  • Tom Brady won 5 MVPs and 7 Super Bowls! His smile and the pure joy his kids have holding that trophy, though? The biggest win of the night!
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