Celebrity Spotlight: Sara Canning

Sara Canning is a talented, beautiful actress who has been seen in everything from A Series of Unfortunate Events to The Vampire Diaries, always giving impressive performances.

Now the  beauty can be seen in the Lifetime movie Amish Abduction, which premieres this weekend. In the movie, Sara plays Annie, a woman whose husband decides to leave the Amish religion and join the English lifestyle. He ends up kidnapping their son, which leads to her stopping at nothing to get him back…and facing the fact that her husband is leaving the Amish religion. It allows Annie to show how strong she can truly be and how empowering women are as a whole. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Sara gushed about the opportunity to play Annie. The movie is actually directed by her good friend Ali Liebert, who saw her as the perfect person for the role. Not only did the movie allow Sara to flex her acting chops, but it served for a wonderful reunion for her, Ali and several of the cast members. She loved the reunions and says it was a wonderful, fortunate thing to get to work with people she knew from the past once again.

As for the character, Sara appreciates the fact that Annie is a strong, yet relatable woman. Without giving too much of the plot away, she says that a lot of women can relate to her struggle and she opens that Annie’s experience resonates with them on some level. There is a lot of struggle and questioning in several parts of the movie, and Sara thinks that anyone watching, especially women, will know what it is like to face such hardships. 

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As for what is next, Sara reveals that she is working on her YouTube project Hospital Show, as well as playing Nancy’s mom on the hit CW series Nancy Drew.  She thinks that both are very special projects and is proud of the work she is put into both. She adds that she loves the wonderful actress playing Nancy Drew and thinks she is someone who is wonderful and special.

In addition, Sara is working on some super secret writing and directing projects. She remained mum on them, so you will need to tune in to see what they are about. However, I can reveal that no matter what, fans will enjoy what she has to offer. Sara is and will remain an amazing woman with exceptional talent and a huge, beautiful heart. 

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