Social media stats on the naming of Royal Baby Archie

NEW YORK — After the Royal Baby’s birth earlier this week, speculation about a name was rampant, but over the past 24 hours, more than 391,000 social posts have talked about what the name could be – and ultimately discussing the choice of Archie, according to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

Here is some data as provided by leading social listening firm Talkwalker from the past 24 hours, as reported at 7:45 p.m. EDT.

Total Buzz

391.1 K mentions

1.4 M engagements

Hash-tag mentions


  Hashtags Mentions
    1  #RoyalBaby       54.8K
    2  #BabySussex       49.7K
    3  #Archie        12.4K
    4  #MeghanMarkle        5.7K
    5  #RoyalBabyName        5.7K
    6  #PrinceHarry        5K
    7  #StarWars        2.4K
    8  #Riverdale        1.9K
    9  #Meghan        1,7K
  10  #MeghanAndHarry        1.6K


Top news

101.K shares/likes

Top tweet

123.8K shares/likes

Some of the more interesting hashtags are a result of celebrity tweets and fan speculation

#StarWars is trending with 2.4K mentions as the seventh top hashtag after Mark Hammill tweeted this:

The popular television show Riverdale is also trending – as the eighth top hashtag – as fans speculate if the royal baby was named after a certain red-haired lead character on the show.  This is the top Riverdale related social post, with more than 4,800 engagements (likes/shares).

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