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Royal Fashion: Kate vs. Meghan

Royal fashion

Love the sales.com has analyzed the public demand for every outfit Meghan & Kate have worn so far in 2020. Kate has now overtaken Meghan as the bigger ‘influencer’ on female fashion. Here’s where you can find the data story in full: https://www.lovethesales.com/press/articles/kate-meghan-fashion-influence-2020   Key Data Points Since Megxit, Meghan’s influence on fashion searches has dropped …

Fox to Air Special on Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit

Harry and Meghan

The all-new one-hour special HARRY & MEGHAN: THE ROYALS IN CRISIS will explore the couple’s unprecedented exit as senior leaders in Great Britain’s royal family. This exclusive TMZ investigation will cut through the noise, inaccuracies and speculation surrounding the couple’s surprise announcement. More than a dozen people with real ties to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, …