Sammi’s Favorite Things: Soul Rising

Khadia Handon is probably one of the most incredible talents in the music business today. She not only worked as a backup singer for greats such as Prince, Mya and Imagine Dragons, but she also shines in the music group Soul Rising. In the group, she joins six other singers to perform their newest single ‘Not The One,’ out today.   

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the singing sensation had nothing but good things to say about the group and working on their single. Their goal is to  show there is more than just hate in the world and to promote diversity. The group has members of different ages,  genders, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and life experiences. Together, they become something powerful and unstoppable, not only in the world of music, but also in the world in general.

Soul Rising founder Michael McBay agrees.  He had nothing but good things to say about Khadia and what she brings to the band. From the start, he was impressed with her talent and personality. He added that he loves how the band is very passionate and supportive of one another, which is what makes them so successful. 

The band may have the talent and drive to make them a household name, but that s not what will make them remembered.  What will make them unforgettable is the fact that they have the love, compassion and heart with and without the music. The message they send is something we need to be reminded of and something that we should incorporate into our everyday lives. 

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