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Sammi’s Favorite Things: Get Supr

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Get Supr

Need a new drink to boost your wellness and energy? Look no further than Get Supr! It is clean, hemp-infused and best of all, it is a great cocktail addition check out more information below!

Get Supr is hemp-infused instant coffee for those who want freedom from anxiety, and who want to prioritize wellness with peace of mind in their everyday hustle using clean ingredients. Their blend is NON-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, using 100% Organic Arabica Coffee, infused with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (0.0% THC).

Get Supr is an instant wellness brand. Their instant coffee packets make it easy for you to incorporate your caffeine love affair into your daily life – whether that is throwing a stick in your purse for your midafternoon boost between meetings or packing sticks for traveling so that you always have a smooth energy option. Get Supr allows you to bring wellness on the go wherever you go.

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