Five Facts About Zach Avery

Zach Avery is well on his way to becoming a member of the Hollywood elite. He is handsome, sweet and has a young Tom Cruise likability to him. He captivates us with every performance and always leaves us wanting more.

TVGrapevine recently caught up with Zach in an exclusive, one on one interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Zach’s newest movie is called Last Moment of Clarity and also stars Samara Weaving and Brian Cox. In the movie, he plays the role of Sam, a man who gets involved in the world of gambling. This dangerous world costs him his fiancée and leads him to escape to France. Once there, he sees a woman who looks like his dead fiancée, causing a very interesting turn of events.

2. Preparing for the role was a very interesting experience for Zach. Since he was one of the first people cast for the movie, he was able to work with the crew in order to figure out who Sam was as a person. They were able to add lots of emotion and layers to the character, which Zach thinks made Sam more realistic.

3. Zach is also hard at work on another movie, which is due to come out in September. The movie is called Shookum Hills and promises to be a favorite for those who love horror movies. The movie focuses on a group of people who visit a remote town where a coal mine disaster took place several years before. They end up getting in over their heads and facing some scary moments. Zach loved the role and cannot wait to see the reaction from his fans.

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4. As for his dream role, Zach would love to do a role that he can really sink his teeth into that has a lot of action and adventure. He would love to have a franchise like the Bourne Identity, Jack Ryan or Mission Impossible. Considering the talent and charisma he already has, there is no doubt he can be the next Tom Cruise or Matt Damon. His smoldering good looks are also a good asset.

5. Fans would be surprised to know that Zach has lived all over the United States and enjoyed living in each place. He also loves football (in fact, he is a former player himself!) and considers himself to be a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Check back for more information on Zach’s projects!

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