Fun Facts About Dead On Arrival’s Tyson Sullivan

Tyson Sullivan is one of the most charming, charismatic actors on TV. While he has only been on the scene for a short amount of time, he has made it his business to make an impact in the world of Hollywood.

The actor, who has been on shows such as Training Day and Quarry, can currently be seen in the new film Dead On Arrival, which premiered in NYC and LA this past weekend. During this special premiere weekend, Tyson took time to talk to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Tyson has actually worked with director Stephen Sepher in the past (on the movie Heist). Stephen called him about DOA and sent him the script.  Tyson fell in love with it and immediately signed on to play Deputy Walker.

He describes his character as a man who is trying to take care of his family, but doesn’t go about it the right way. (Think Breaking Bad and Banshee) Tyson admits that he likes playing these kinds of characters because they are more fun to play. He also likes the fact that these kind of roles allow him to give the character a why, rather than being cliched. He likes to see how far he can take the character and figure out how they ended up so bad, and in turn, portray that on screen.

2. As for working with the cast and crew, Tyson says it was  a wonderful experience. He had nothing but good things about everyone involved with the movie. He compared the experience of being at summer camp, where different people get together for one unforgettable experience.

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3, For Tyson, the biggest challenge was the fact that they filmed in Louisiana. During pre-production, the state got hit by the flood, which caused filming to be delayed. However, despite the fact  that  weather was crazy, but it added to the film. He agrees with his costars that it ended up working out better in the long run.

4. So what is Tyson up to now that DOA has premiered?  He says that he has been very busy with two super-secret projects. He was not able to give any further information, but urges fans to stay tuned to see what he has in store for everyone!

5. Fans would be surprised to know that when he is not working, Tyson is a very simple man. When he isn’t working, he is home spending time with his wife and dog. They spend time watching TV (48 Hour Mysteries, Dateline, Billions and Silicon Valley are among their favorites) or going to car shows. Tyson admits he is a big fan of old school American cars and checks them out any chance he gets.

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