The Bachelorette Recap for August 6, 2018

Tonight is the season finale for ABC’s The Bachelorette. Tonight Becca will decide if she wants to marry Blake or Garrett. Chris Harrison promises us a tearjerker of an episode, so let’s check it out!

The live show is mixed with the finale episode. 

We are now in Maldives for the final two dates. The guys will also meet Becca’s family. Before we get to that, Becca looks back on her journey. 

For some reason, the sound on my TV keeps going out, so I have no clue what is going on! It’s frustrating. 

Is it me, or did both meet the parents segments go by quickly? Nothing noteworthy happened whatsoever during either one—except her family sees potential in both men. 

Poor Blake seems very insecure. I get the feeling….I just hope he will be okay in the end if he isn’t chosen.

Becca is also emotional because she is afraid of hurting one of the guys. She talks to her mom about it and cries on her shoulder. 

The dates are just as boring. I’d love to know why this is taking three hours. This all could have been done in one—one and a half, tops. 

Basically the dates are talking, making out and enjoying each other’s company. We wasted 45 minutes on this and didn’t learn any more than we already knew. 

The guys meet Neil Lane to a find the perfect ring for Becca. 

Time for the proposal….and a heartbreak. 

Blake is the first to tell Becca how much he loves her and prepares to propose. However, before he gets the chance, Becca tells him he isn’t the one. She says he is wonderful and they could be partners, but there is more with Garrett. 

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Blake is in tears, completely blindsided by her words. He wants to know why, but all she can say is that it wasn’t the right fit. He tells her he loves her and leaves. Both of them are in tears. I know how he feels, I know this rejection all too well. 

We jump to the live show, where he talks about his hurt and rejection. He says he will always have love for Becca and still has some questions for her. 

Becca comes out and gives Blake a hug. They talk about their relationship and she says that although she cared about him, she saw more in Garrett in terms of a future. She also apologizes for hurting him. He says there are no hard feelings and he hopes she is happy. 

They are both such class acts with this whole thing, it is amazing. Chris also points out that he has a lot of fan support—and he broke the internet!

Now we get to Garrett’s big moment. The two of them declare their love for each other and he gets down on one knee to propose. She says yes and gives him the final rose. 

We go to the live show where the happy couple reunites for the first time in public. They gush over their journey and their happiness. It is actually pretty sweet. We also get to see their special moments together, post-engagement. 

Garrett apologizes for the Instagram debacle where he liked pictures people found in poor taste. I didn’t see them (or if I did, I don’t remember) but Becca seems to have no issue with it and says he sees it as  a learning experience. 

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They are now hard at work planning their life together. Chris surprises them with a trip to Thailand and then sends them outside…where a fully stocked minivan is waiting for them. 

Join us tomorrow for Bachelor in Paradise! 

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