Singer Sammi Rae Murciano Inspires the Youth of America  

Sammi Rae Murciano may only be seventeen years old, but she has accomplished more in her young life than many do in a lifetime. She is a singer/songwriter that has the looks, talent and voice that make her seem like the next coming of Demi Lovato.

This Long Island based singer has been singing since she was a young teenager, performing in her school chorus and the like before branching out into songwriting and recording. This led her to where she is now and sent her on an unforgettable journey. This allowed us to learn more about Sammi as a person, especially since she tells her life stories through her music.

The most important issue Sammi talks about is bullying. Her experiences can be heard in her songs Reflection and Back to Me, both of which talk about how she overcame the horror of being bullied and how her life changed in a positive way. She got the lyrics from her journal entries, which make the song that much more relatable. Her music is an inspiration because of this and helps people realize that they can also overcome obstacles in life.

The best way she inspires youth, however, is her tenacity and how she never gives up, even when the chips are down. She is  a very strong young lady who pursues her dreams like there is no tomorrow. She js someone we should all admire and aspire to be like when it comes to making dreams come true.

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