The Amazing Race Quick-cap for January 31, 2018

This is week five of The Amazing Race on CBS. Tonight, we head to Prague for the next leg in the race around the world.

This is going to be short and sweet this week because, honestly, the episode wasn’t that interesting.

There is a U-Turn this episode, but will anyone use it? We will find out!

First Stop In Prague: Staropramen Brewery

Detour: This: Restack kegs, find a full keg of beer, pour a drink nd serve it to the captain of a party boat.  That: Listen to a university lecture about Copernicus and be tested on the content.

U-Turn Update: Cody and Jessica decide to U-Turn Trevor and Chris.

Route Info Task: The teams must answer ringing phones and find ones with the recorded message, which contain a quote they must unscramble.

Pit Stop: Letenské Park

1st place: Kristi & Jen (Won a trip to Australia)

2nd place: Eric & Daniel

3rd place: Henry & Evan

4th place: Alex & Conor

5th place: Lucas & Brittany

6th place: Cody & Jessica

7th place: Trevor & Chris (Eliminated)

More next week! Stay tuned!

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