The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/2/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/2/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/2/2024

-Even though they have been broken up for years, I love how Dolores and Frankie are still able to have family dinners together.

-Dolores, you need to tell Paulie to either sh*t or get off the pot when it comes to his divorce.

-Frankie telling Dolores about his plans to propose to Brittany (minus the fake proposal) is giving me major Golden Girls vibes. Anyone else remember the episode where Stan had the girls help him buy a ring for Kathryn and then had them all at the wedding?

-Danielle and Melissa spending time with the kids is so cute.

-If I had a shot for every time Danielle said bougie, I would be completely sloshed.

-My heart breaks for Danielle not talking to her father…I am not sure what happened, but I hope that someday they are able to work through their issues.

-Jennifer is annoying me with her nastiness toward Bill. Just because you hate Melissa doesn’t mean he has to hate Joey.

-I had no idea Marge Sr. was so sick, I hope she is feeling better soon.

-I am so confused about this Jackie/Margaret fight. Jackie feels left out and made it clear to Danielle, but I am confused as to why Margaret is mad?

-Margaret is also upset that Jackie didn’t reach out on the anniversary of Jan’s death, which is fair. On the same token, how was Jackie supposed to remember?

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-Nothing says a friendship is back on than re-following people on social media and then liking posts.

-Wait, Danielle and Teresa are friends? I thought they hated each other? I am so confused with who hates whom and who is getting along.

-I understand that Danielle would have Melissa at Fashion Week because she did help her promote the brand and hosted an event.

-All the rumors and drama with these women is bringing me back to seventh grade….except in seventh grade Susie was telling everyone Brandi stuffed her bra. Same principle, same immaturity.

-If someone called my husband an asshole, I would not want to be friends with them.

-Now Jennifer feels left out at events….does everyone feel left out at this point?

-Jen Fessler is 55?

-For about five minutes, we are seeing Melissa and Jennifer get along….but in about another ten minutes, they will be fighting again.

-It is so nice that Jen Fessler shows up with cookies. I love when people follow the ‘never show up anywhere empty handed’ rule.

-Margaret talking about Jan’s death is breaking my heart. I know their marriage didn’t end on the best of terms, but they did get along toward the end and even so, he was the father of her children.

-Margaret is talking about how Jan and then how Jackie hurt her feelings….and Melissa turns the topic to herself so she can talk smack on Jennifer. I knew that her truce wouldn’t last more than two scenes.

-Bougie, bougie, bougie! We get it, this brunch is bougie!

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-I am glad Danielle invited everyone to her brunch.

-Brittany’s ring is eleven carats? WOW!

-Fries and filet mignon are bougie…..and apparently….so are jewelry boxes.

-The bougie brunch is turning into another place to argue over who said what, who pissed off whose hairdresser and stuff that should have been let go of a long time ago.

-We need to get Lena the hairdresser on the show to spill the tea.

-Why does Melissa look like she is trying not to laugh when Danielle is accusing Jennifer and Teresa of setting her up last season?

-I just realized Margaret wasn’t at the brunch.

-Jackie is right in not taking sides and just being friends with everyone.

-Is this a brunch or airing of grievances on Festivus? Everyone is basically saying what is pissing them off.

-Why are they bringing up this drug dealing rumor again? It apparently happened when he was a teenager, so why was it brought up in the first place?

-All the women are bringing up random issues from season’s past….is this a Ghost of Housewives Past?

-Teresa getting up and leaving is so on brand for her.

-Dolores warning Rachel that Teresa is coming for her was….a choice.

-She’s not God, she’s not Jesus….all righty then….

-More next week, stay tuned.


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