Masterchef Recap for 5/29/2024

Masterchef Recap for 5/29/2024

Masterchef Recap for 5/29/2024

-Masterchef: Generations is such a cool concept. All generations have something to offer and I love how they all have the chance to shine this season. Chef Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastainich and Aaron Sanchez are judges.

-The millennials are up first. Priya Krishna is their guest judge.

Jeet is 32 years old and is from New Delhi. Her husband is from Kuwait and she tries to add flavors from both their cultures when she cooks. She is making crispy rice paper dumplings with Rabri. She plans on air frying them for a different kind of flavor. Aaron isn’t fond of it because it is too gummy, but the others put her through to the next round.

Lexi is a kitchen witch who makes magic in the kitchen. She is also a vegan and from Long Island, NY! I want to be BFF with her, she seems awesome, as do her mom and grandma.

Her vegan chicken roulade looks beautiful, but it doesn’t taste very good. She is sent home.

Kamay works in Washington DC as an attorney. She and her wife are recently married and postponed their honeymoon for her to audition for the show.

She makes a Haitian snapper filet on a bed of rice. It looks simple, but filled with flavor. Aaron and Priya say yes, while Aaron says no. Chef Gordon casts the deciding vote and gives her an apron.

Tori makes deep fried salmon croquettes with purple sweet potato puree. It tastes as quirky as it looks, but also seems disjointed. She is sent home.

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Si is making a Vietnamese dish to honor his heritage. It consists of rice, fish sauce and crepes with shrimp and honors his late father. The flavors are fresh and delicious according to Priya and Aaron, but Joe is not fond of it. However, Chef Gordon gives him a yes and an apron.

Anna is from the Ukraine and is making a duck and potato dish to represent where she came from and how far she has gone in life. The dish has a bit too much sauce, but is delicious, giving her an apron.

Michael makes a fresh goat cheese ravioli in honor of his late mom. It is a gorgeous dish and tastes amazing. It is no surprise that he gets an apron.


-Boomers compete next week, stay tuned!


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