Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/2/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/2/2024

-Flashback to when our boy Will was a child….or so it seems.

-Wait, it was a flashback that is connecting to Amanda’s attack…..but why is this dude going after her so many years later?

-Will figuring out it was the night janitor is quite impressive.

-Amanda’s hate mail reminds me of the ones Lassiter mentioned in Psych.

-Garza is the night janitor and now he is dead? Maybe he is a red herring.

-Michael trying to play Mr. Dad is so cute in a sad kind of way.

-Spoon or ladle? I forgot to run the dishwasher last night.

-Violet from GH is Michael’s daughter and is exactly the same on both shows….so cute.

-Amanda being a person of interest is unexpected, but not surprising.

-Nobody is happy that Angie and Michael are taking over the case.

-Will being able to figure out how the murder happened never ceases to amaze me.

-Michael and Angie questioning Chuckie’s dad is heartbreaking. This man loves his son so much, but is he in denial about his activities?

-Now that everyone knows Amanda owns a vibrator……

-I didn’t expect Will to find a picture of him as a child in Amanda’s house.

-Is this Chuckie who attacked Amanda? Why is he so chill about this and what does he think Amanda did to him?

-Michael found the murder weapon in Amanda’s house….we all know it was planted, but how did this dude get into her house?

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-Amanda is on leave due to being a person of interest….and her cop coworkers are harassing her? So gross.

-The evidence is planted by the one who stole Amanda’s key….was it Chuck? One of the cops? Someone else entirely?

-Amanda is hiding at Will’s…..at least she’ll have Betty and Niko with her.

-Chuck assaulted Amanda during the traffic stop and attempted to rape her….so she took a leave of absence because she was terrified of the retaliation, leading to her hiding what happened.

-Chuck was a serial rapist who was set to go to prison, but walked because one of his victims refused to testify, so Amanda planted drugs to find another way to get him in prison. Now we know why he is after her.

-Will is going to find a way to protect Amanda because he saved her.

-Chuck called in a fake anonymous tip and almost got Amanda killed. This is getting so intense.

-Chuck’s arrest is going to kill his father and that makes me even sadder.

-I never expected to see all those pictures and newspaper clippings of Amanda….nor did I expect all the evidence and Lee Ann to be there….I was so focused on the rest of the case I forgot about her.

-We know Chuck had everything to frame Amanda…..and now Chuck crashed into her car and is going to attempt to kill her again……

-Will saved our girl by killing Chuck.

-Gina is in a mental wellness place and didn’t want Michael to know….but isn’t realizing she is doing more harm than good because the kids are going to be sad and confused.

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-Faith knows what Amanda did……and she is not happy with how it all turned out.

-Michael telling the kids about Gina was the right thing to do.

-Aw, Betty wants to help Amanda feel better.

-Where is Amanda going?

-I am glad Will got to talk to his uncle.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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