The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/12/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/12/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/12/2024

-These are some of the dumbest taglines I have ever heard. None of them make any sort of sense.

-How do you forget to buy your kids school supplies?

-Danielle’s daughter going for headshots and being signed with a talent agency is giving me flashbacks to season one when Teresa did the same thing with Gia.

-I had no idea Nate had a brain tumor….that is so scary. I am just glad he is okay and celebrating his six years since the surgery.

-Dolores is a realtor now? I also had no idea she was living with Paul.

-Paulie making fun of the whole debacle with the men made me laugh more than it should have….wow.

-Louie’s Gimmie Pizza You Old Troll shirt is hysterical. It is an iconic Milania quote that should never be forgotten.

-I am so proud of Louie’s dad for his eighth year of sobriety.

-Seeing Teresa cry over Gabriella leaving for college is making me cry!

-What happened with Margaret? I wonder what these allegations are that Teresa can’t yet talk about.

-How is Antonia 18 already? She was so little when Melissa began on the show.

-Melissa talking about her C-section at the brunch table is so on brand for her.

-I did not expect to see Joey get so emotional about Antonia turning 18 and going to college.

-Antonia, please remember that in the future… NOT follow a man anywhere. I speak from experience.

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-Who is this gay couple with the Gorgas? Is it another cousin or something? They seem very sweet, but I am not sure how they are connected with the family.

-Whatever this sculpting thing is, I want IN! I am a personal trainer and work out for hours a day, but there are some body parts that even exercise cannot help….cellulite, I am looking at you!

-It isn’t a Bravo show unless pickleball is involved.

-I had no idea Rachel had RA since she was a little kid, poor thing!

-Melissa’s mom broke her elbow. Poor thing….I hope she is okay!

-According to Rachel, the whole drug thing with John is that he got caught selling pot as a teenager. I believe her because it’s easy enough to google because stuff like that is usually public record.

-I have never been to the shore, but it looks like an amazing place for a relaxing vacation.

-This episode is putting me to sleep….I definitely don’t miss the fighting, but I miss having some sort of entertainment.

-I guess Nick is a cousin of Melissa’s? It is so sweet that Joey is officiating her wedding.

-All the food at this party looks delicious.

-All the ladies are in the same area together…..which means there will be a fight within the next five minutes.

-Apparently, there was a meeting before last season’s reunion to take down Louie, but it didn’t go down as planned.

-Teresa swears Louie didn’t call Margaret’s son and that she didn’t say John is a drug dealer now….I am so confused with all of this drama.

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Who is this random brunette woman suddenly involved in the drama? I know it’s not Rachel or Jen F, but who is she and why is she even involved?

-More next week, stay tuned.

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