The Masked Singer 11 Final 3 Revealed

The Masked Singer Recap for 4/3/2024

The Masked Singer Recap for 4/3/2024

Tonight is Shower Songs on Fox’s The Masked Singer. There will be a double elimination….but a chance to save one of the singers.


Clock: She loves singing diva hits in the shower and has been nominated for a prestigious award…and won….against Natalie Cole and Aretha Franklin. She was so sure she wouldn’t win that she stayed home and cleaned her kitchen….only to give her acceptance speech to her mop.

Her song is Respect by Aretha Franklin and wow, she is fantastic. Lots of sass, spirit and amazing vocals. I love it!

The Men in Black Clue is a duck with Nick’s name on it Clock says this isn’t the first time he hosted her.

Guesses: Debbie Allen, Denise Williams, Diana Ross


Lizard: He fell into a bad crowd and went to jail more than once. The last time led him to wake up and clean up his act. He also had connections to Justin Timberlake and Busta Rhymes.

His song is Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. This is the perfect song for him and the performance is fire, both figuratively and literally. I am quite impressed.

The Men in Black clue is a loofah with Rita’s name on it. The two of them won the same ‘out of this world’ award.

Guesses: Sisqo, D’Angelo, Michael Bivins


Poodle Moth: She went through a lot of sad times in her childhood, but it made her stronger than ever. She is now confident and free.

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Her song is The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. The whole performance makes me cry so hard….it is just so moving and beautiful.

The Men in Black clue is connected to soap on a rope. Robin’s name is on it because she worked with his dad in one of her biggest career moments.

Guesses: Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Shania Twain


Lizard is eliminated and is revealed to be………Sisqo!!!! Thong Song dude!!!! He sings the iconic hit because, why not?


The final two sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for the Battle Royale and I have a very strong feeling the save will be used since they were both that good.


The Clock is safe….but is Poodle Moth?




More next week, stay tuned.



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