The Masked Singer 11 Final 3 Revealed

The Masked Singer Recap for Queen Night

The Masked Singer Recap for Queen Night

-It is Queen Night on Fox’s The Masked Singer! Only one will go to the quarterfinals in another double elimination.

Ugly Sweater: What is old is new again….and he should know and has worked with everyone from Tupac to Snoop Dogg and was an influence on many by being himself.

He sings I Want to Break Free and it is a very interesting performance. He puts everything into it, and it is obvious he is in it to win it.

The clue is that he has a connection to Nick….and gave him dating advice.

Guesses: Smokey Robinson, Aaron Neville, Charlie Wilson


Starfish: She felt pressure to become a star after her friends became stars and soon got her chance…despite the pressure she felt. It was a lot and she was grateful for everything that got her where she is today.

She sings Under Pressure and is so cute. There is something so endearing about her….no matter what, you can’t help but adore her.

Her clue is that she is connected with Jenny…by giving her tickets to one of her shows.

Guesses: Amy Schumer, Ellie Kemper, Kate Flannery


Goldfish: She appreciates every moment because life comes in waves. She lost her biggest supporter the day before her big break, but she performed in their honor.

Her performance of The Show Must Go On is by far the best of the night. If she doesn’t move on tonight, I will be shocked!

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Goldfish’s clue is that she is connected to Ken. She says he hasn’t changed since the last time they worked together.

Guesses: Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens


Ugly Sweater is the first to be eliminated. He is none other than….Charlie Wilson!!


Goldfish and Starfish sing Another One Bites the Dust and again, it is hard to decide who should go home since they are both so good.


Goldfish is in the quarterfinals, meaning Starfish is eliminated…..and is revealed to be Kate Flannery!!


More next week, stay tuned!

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