The Masked Singer Recap for 3/27/2024

The Masked Singer Recap for 3/27/2024

The Masked Singer Recap for 3/27/2024

-It is TV theme song night on The Masked Singer! The judges are all dressed up like Gilligan’s Island characters.

The Clock: She has had a fair of ups and downs in life but has always been renewed. When times were rough, she saw the positive in life and appreciates her children more than anything….in short, she takes the good and the bad in life.

She sings the Good Times theme song and is actually pretty good. However, the entire look—including the show living room and her outfit make it stand out more than anything.

Jill Whelan from The Love Boat, aka Vicki , gives her clue: Love and Boat combine to make a hit, which Clock knows first hand!

Guesses: Stephanie Mills, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson


-Poodle Moth: She says sometimes the ones you love leave….like her father, who never contacted her or responded to her letters after walking out of her family. She wrote herself a letter saying she is enough and wants others to see that they are also enough.

Tonight, she sings Unwritten from The Hills and although she is good, the vocals are a bit…quiet….it is kind of hard to hear her.

Her clue is presented by Heidi and Spencer Pratt from The Hills. A choir sings the theme song from Gilmore Girls, which represents a connection to her life.

Guesses: Melissa McCarthy, Lauren Graham, Connie Britton


Lizard: He turned down the chance to work in animation to become a performer….and is one of the most recognized people in the world.

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He sings the theme song to Scooby Doo and is so cute! I thinks this is the best performance of the night….I love it!

His clue is brought on stage by a ‘Scooby’ dog in the Mystery Van. A dog helped him reach an even bigger audience. A Snoop Dogg connection, maybe?

Guesses: Michael Bivins, Ray J, Sisqo


The Real Housewives-esque taglines are hilarious!




Sir Lion: He comes from a ‘well-known pride’ and knows everyone from Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and maybe Jerry Seinfeld. He is another one with ups and downs in life and his career.

His theme song is the Married….With Children song. Wow, he is GOOD. He beings wildcard to a whole new level. I love him!

The clue is presented by a Dino from The Flintstones and is a bone with a co-star. He was on a show with Betty Rubble….so Rosie O’Donnell, who played her in the movie.

Guesses: Anderson Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen


Lizard and Sir Lion are in the bottom two and must do a sing-off. They sing Who Are You, which is the Masked Singer theme song. They both do a good job, but how are they in the bottom two? I thought they were the best of the night!


Sir Lion is eliminated! I don’t get it, I thought he was fantastic. WTF, WTF? It is none other than Billy Bush!! I never would have guessed him at all….WOW!





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