Masterchef Junior Recap for Thyme Travel

Masterchef Junior Recap for Thyme Travel

Masterchef Junior Recap for Thyme Travel

-This week’s Masterchef Junior has a time machine!

-Chef Gordon Ramsay turns into a little kid and then an adult again.

For the challenge, the kids will need to make the very first dishes they made on the show….and elevate it to make it into a next level dish.

-Remy’s multiverse on a plate with chicken and veggies sounds delicious.

-Asher’s surf and turf with lobster and fillet mignon and cream sauce is complex, but if done correctly, can be an all-star dish.

-Michael is making tortellini for his seafood and pesto dish, which could either help or hurt him, depending on how it is cooked.

-Jordan’s pork tenderloin and greens sounds good, but could be a disaster if not cooked properly.

-Bryson’s NY strip has potential to do well, but he must be careful when cooking it.

-Asher tries to do too much and worries about his dish being finished in time.

-As always, the judges offer advice and give commentary as they talk to each of the kids.

-Everyone is freaking out about finishing on time.

-Each cook finishes on time, but the plating isn’t what they wanted.

-Michael’s shrimp tortellini (next level version of his shrimp pasta) looks even better than before and is full of delicious flavor, despite having a bit too much garlic.

-Remy’s multiverse on a plate chicken dish (next level of her sunshine on a plate version) is beautiful, but the veggies are a bit underdone.

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-Jordyn’s pork tenderloin and greens (next level of her BBQ pork chop) is overcooked, but still has some good flavor.

-Bryson’s NY strip (next level version of his ribeye cap) is delicious and perfectly cooked.

-Asher’s surf and turf (a next level version of his OG surf and turf) has undercooked lobster, but it looks gorgeous.

-Michael is the winner of the night and gets a family trip to Mexico.

-Bryson and Remy are also safe and in the semi-finals.

-Jordyn and Asher are in the bottom two, with Jordyn going home.

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