Young Sheldon Recap for Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker

Young Sheldon Recap for Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker

Young Sheldon Recap for Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker

Young Sheldon Recap for Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker

The episode opens with Mary and Sheldon returning home from Germany. On the plane, he brags about his experiences and how he is going to tell everyone about string theory and what he learned. As he talks, the plane hits turbulence, causing Mary to pray and Sheldon to become irritated. They end up stuck on the plane for several hours with a crying baby, which only makes Sheldon more irritated.

When they finally get home, they are greeted by the family, including a crying CeeCee.


Once they finally get home, Sheldon wants to sleep in his own bed, but it is occupied by Mandy, CeeCee and Georgie. This causes an argument and Sheldon sleeping on the couch. Missy snarks that Sheldon is home.


Later on, Mary and George cuddle in bed. He wants sex, but she is too tired. She promises a surprise if he waits. He reluctantly agrees.


Sheldon tries to sleep on the couch with no luck since the baby is sleeping. He goes to tell Mandy, who snarks that he must really be a genius. He tries Missy’s room, but it is a mess, so he calls MeeMaw, who says Dale said no, even though he thinks it will ‘be nice to see the little guy.’


Mary wakes up and is surprised to see Missy and Georgie doing chores and that breakfast is on the table. Missy sends Georgie to the bathroom as Mary eats. She wants to meet Taylor since Missy is meeting with him, but she thinks she is being weird.

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Sheldon comes in from the garage to use the bathroom, but has to wait. He thinks it will be close.


Mary goes to visit MeeMaw and Dale. She complains about how things changed, but MeeMaw reminds her that she lost it all, causing tension.


George and Wayne coach a game. Mary brings them stuff and gets lovey dovey with George, annoying Wayne. They also yell at a kid named Lopez throwing up.


Sheldon goes to his dorm, only to find it occupied. He is told to go away, but decides to stay. The new tenant gives him a book to read explaining his work, which Sheldon reads. He tries to talk to him, but Sheldon is not interested….until he is done with the book. The two of them debate over computer science vs. string theory with Sheldon trying to kick him out of the room.


Mary feeds the football team, who thank her by pushing her on ‘the sleds.’ She has a blast!


Sheldon cleans the bathroom while the guy tries to bond….he fails until he shows him a video game for which he is a beta tester. Sheldon doesn’t know his name, but declares him his best friend.


Back at practice, Mary offers to be team mom and bring them food, but George says he wants them to be monsters, leaving her confused.


Sheldon and his new friend debate over cheat codes and winks until Sheldon has enough and leaves. However, he comes back and decide to work it out as roomies.

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Mary tries to drink a beer, declaring that she misses Germany. Missy comes home in tears, but refuses to talk and goes to her room. Mary tries to comfort her and Missy says she and Taylor broke up. They go into Missy’s room to talk.


Sheldon finally beats the game as the guy sleeps. He wants to toast with Yoo-Hoo, but falls asleep in the hall.


The Coopers enjoy breakfast together and debate on asking Sheldon to join. They decide they should let him sleep.


Mary surprises George with a little role play as a German girl named Helga….which Sheldon walks in on, thinking it is an affair…..which is why he now knocks three times. The episode comes to an end with Sheldon in shock.

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