Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Tayo Time

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Tayo Time

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Tayo Time

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Tayo Time

The episode opens with Tayo giving Olu and Tunde gifts, much to their delight. Bob is upset over this since he thinks it is weird that he is giving gifts to his ex-wife’s family. Tunde thinks he is jealous, so Bob goes into the kitchen to complain to Abishola, but not before Tayo says he has a promotion.

Abishola tells Bob to let it go and deal with it since it is one night. However, when they go back inside, Tayo announces he is moving to Detroit, which sends Bob into a tizzy.


The next day, Abishola shares the news with Gloria and Kemi. Kemi thinks that he wants to ruin Abishola’s life since she is doing so well, while Gloria thinks it is just for the job.

Abishola thinks he is turning the family against her, which Kemi agrees could be the case. Gloria continues to argue things will be fine.


That evening, Tayo gives Ebun her own gift. He raves about her cooking and bonds with her, leaving Abishola feeling upset. She doesn’t like that he calls her mummy and giving her family gifts. Ebun loves that Tayo is there and eating her cooking since Bob is now so skinny.

Abishola sends Ebun to the other room to try on the outfit from Tayo so she can talk to him alone. She makes it clear she is upset he is there and he makes it clear that he is staying. Ebun obliviously comes in to show off the outfit and take a picture with Tayo for Instagram.

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Abishola wakes Bob up to discuss the issue and he comforts her, saying this sucks but they can rub their happiness in his face with extra PDA. He assures her it will all be okay.


Back at the hospital, Gloria tries to talk to a patient who also happens to be a therapist. The patient thinks this is unprofessional, so Gloria reminds her that she is shaving her later. Gloria tries to get them to talk, but Abishola leaves, with the patient telling Gloria to learn some boundaries as she follows Abishola out of the room.


Bob goes to a event at Tunde’s, where Tayo is the man of the hour. He tries to one up Bob with gifts of Cuban cigars and stories. Bob finally says they need to come to an understanding, but Tayo thinks he is threatened by him….adding to the tension….and Bob embarrassing himself.


Bob goes home to fill Abishola in on what happened, but only upsets her by implying he thought she was being dramatic about things. She goes to sleep on the couch.


The next day, Abishola is cleaning up when Ebun comes in, letting her know that she knows she slept on the couch. She asks why she always thinks about the worst case scenario and Ebun tells her that is how she was raised and how it works, siting the Titanic as an example, leaving Abishola confused.


Bob talks to Tunde and Olu about the Tayo situation. They assure him that they love him and he is ‘their Bob’ and no one can change it.

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Kemi tells Abishola that Tayo is not just in town for work, but also because his wife left him…..for his brother. She is now happy and lets Bob know as soon as he walks in the room, where he shares her joy.


The episode ends with Olu and Tunde denying Tayo’s rent application…..until he offers a years’ worth of rent upfront.

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