Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for A Tablespoon of Dad

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for A Tablespoon of Dad

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for A Tablespoon of Dad

The episode opens with Bob, Doug, Goodwin and Kofo toasting Dottie’s retirement. As they banter, Bob helps her move her things while she takes Max’s urn. As she talks about their time at the company (and him dying while still working) they all say goodbye, complete with sassy comments.


Once Bob and Dottie leave, Goodwin tells Doug and Kofo someone needs to take over the executive office and makes it into a competition between the two men. Once he leaves, Kofo tells Doug that he apologizes for what is coming, leaving him confused.


Dottie comes home and shows Abishola the urn. She talks about his life and how important he is…and how she wants to keep the urn at the house. Abishola is against this and they bicker over the issue, as well as how to handle the death of loved ones.


Goodwin and Bob get involved with the Kofo vs. Doug battle, where they share their ideas on how to improve the company, the former wanting to make the company next level with water bottles, while the latter wants to start an athleisure line. Bob and Goodwin seem to love this idea, while Kofo didn’t realize they can make a new product. Doug’s idea wins.


Later on, Bob and Abishole enjoy wine together when she points out the urn. They begin to talk about death and how to handle things once they are gone, but it leads to a bit of a disagreement between them and Abishola telling Bob to outlive her so she won’t have to deal with his ‘Sunday Brisket’ death.

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The next day, Bob says Doug’s idea is an amazing one and can bring them more business. Goodwin gets a bit carried away with him coming up with more ideas until Bob tells him to calm down. Goodwin responds with saying Dottie was in his corner.


That night, Bob and Dottie talk about the urn. Bob points out that Max wanted them to spread his ashes, leading to an argument and Dottie storming out.


The next day, Abishola is cleaning and ends up talking to the urn awkwardly.


At MaxDot, Kofo and Doug continue to argue over whose idea is better. Kofo tries to psych Doug out by saying that his idea takes a lot of work, leading to Doug talking to Bob about it. He is scared and afraid of failing. Bob explains that Goodwin was actually pitting him against Kofo, so Doug assumes he now must destroy Kofo.


Bob and Abishola go to Max’s favorite bar so Bob can spread some of his ashes there. Abishola thinks Dottie will be upset, leading to more tense moments. They talk some more about death and how they have different views on the topic.


Goodwin meets with Doug and Kofo and says that Doug has the office…..for one week. He tells Kofo he has one week to plot his revenge, but the guys decide to share the office, much to Goodwin’s chagrin.


Dottie joins Bob and Abishola to share some memories of Max. They confess to putting some of the ashes in the booth, which initially upsets Dottie, but she ends up getting emotional as she realizes he will always be with her. She sings his favorite song in his honor.

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