Young Sheldon Recap for A Frankenstein’s Monster and a Crazy Church Guy

Young Sheldon Recap for A Frankenstein’s Monster and a Crazy Church Guy

Young Sheldon Recap for A Frankenstein’s Monster and a Crazy Church Guy

Young Sheldon Recap for A Frankenstein’s Monster and a Crazy Church Guy

The episode opens with Sheldon going into his dorm room to see his new friend Evan not there. The guy who is there gives vague answers until Evan comes, pleased to see Sheldon met Joaquin.

They are working on a coding project so they can get money and meet girls. Sheldon is unsure at first until he realizes he can have money to buy fun stuff. He agrees to help, but wants to be in charge, making Joaquin scoot.


Mary is watching a preacher on TV when Missy comes in. She wants to watch MTV, but Mary tries to convince her to watch the preacher, who has a band. Missy isn’t interested and leaves, while Mary continues to watch. She isn’t sure about his preaching and getting money tenfold, but is soon convinced to do so and grabs her checkbook.


Missy goes to Billy’s to watch TV and discovers Brenda is away. She says they need to throw a party with drinking. Billy is confused, thinking the party is for the chickens and that he has to drink milk, but he catches on, but isn’t convinced it is a good idea.


Sheldon and the guys continue on the coding. They need money, so Sheldon gets his stash from his sock. Joaquin is confused, but Sheldon says his MeeMaw keeps money in her bra. He wants to know if she likes hot tubs.

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Mary and MeeMaw are talking about Dale when George comes in, asking about the money to the church. She tries to convince him it is for a good cause, but he and MeeMaw say it is a scam. George wants MeeMaw to convince Mary not to do this, but she says if she can convince her of things, she would have told her not to marry him. He counters that he got her pregnant so he had to marry her. As he leaves, he and MeeMaw agree that giving the money is a bad idea.


The guys continue to work on coding and are making progress. Joaquin thinks this means he will have sex so he goes to shower.


Missy asks to talk to Georgie privately. He thinks she is pregnant, but she tells him she wants to steal George’s beer for the party. Georgie thinks he will notice, so she asks for him to buy it. He says no, even though Missy reminds him that he bought beer underage. He says he is ashamed and gives her other party goodies instead.


Missy then talks to Mandy about parties. Mandy shares her party stories and how to throw a good one. Missy wants her to buy booze, but Mandy says the only one she will buy booze for is the father of her child. Missy says she is so uncool and leaves.

George talks to Pastor Jeff about the Mary situation, with Peg listening in and offering cigarettes. Pastor Jeff agrees to pray on despite George’s pleas to let Mary go back to church and her job.

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Sheldon notices the coding algorithm shares are evolving on its own. Evan and Joaquin come back with food and see what is happening. They are aren’t sure what is happening, but are excited with the results.


Missy and Billy try to convince people to buy them beer….until other kids ask Billy to buy them beer. They realize that he looks older and he goes in to buy the beer. He gets away with it, but almost blows his cover when he hesitates to leave.


Pastor Jeff visits Mary and offers to have her to come back to church. She tells him about the TV preacher Reverand Travis and he tells her he is a snake oil salesman. She says that she got a check from the IRS the next day, but he says it is a coincidence. At that point, she compares him to Sheldon and he leaves.


Missy and Billy prepare for the party when Brenda calls. She figures out that they are having a party and tells them to go for it as long as he is actually invited. Billy continues to dance even though Brenda tells Missy not to let him dance.


Mary prays about her church situation and asks for a sign. A bird poops on her and she runs into the house, only to have George laugh at her.


The guys realize there is a problem with their project and try to fix it. They begin losing everything and toss the computer out the window.


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Mary tries to go for a drive, only to have it not start. She breaks her toe walking back into the house and gets hit by a firecracker. She tells Pastor Jeff she is back in the church.


The episode ends with the Coopers back in church and being welcomed back by Pastor Jeff. Missy throws up from the beer in the collection plate and Mary now has an eye patch.

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