Next Level Chef Recap for Don’t Have A Cow Man

Next Level Chef Recap for Don't Have A Cow Man

Next Level Chef Recap for Don’t Have A Cow Man

-This week’s Next Level Chef has the cooks making steaks. Each team will have to cut and share different types of beef and decide who gets what….all in 30 minutes.

-Chef Blais’s team is on the top level, while Chef Ramsay’s team is in the middle kitchen. Chef Arrington’s team is in the basement level.

-Chris is the middle kitchen butcher, Zach is the top level butcher and Christina is the butcher for the basement level.

-Once they butcher the meat, they all must grab additional ingredients from the platform….in 30 seconds.

-As each team cooks, the judges/mentors offer advice and commentary on each dish.

-Jordan is agitated while cooking, causing him to overcook his steak. He must come up with a plan to fix it so he doesn’t end up in the elimination cook-off again.

-Von makes a steak parm, which actually sounds pretty good.

-Christina is afraid she burned her chips, but luckily, they came out okay.

-Mada makes a steak/ramen noodle fusion. Chef Arrington offers him ways to make the dish and sides stand out.

-Chef Blais tells his team members to make sure their purees are smooth.

-Before long, time is up and the judges/mentors must taste each dish.

-Christina struggled through the whole challenge and cries in relief once her plate is on the platform.

-Jordan barely gets his on the platform, while Lauren also struggles to get hers on.

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-The judges/mentors give the pros and cons of each dish and declare Gabi the winner. Team Ramsay is safe from elimination. She is thrilled since she is a plant based chef.

-Chef Blais chooses Lauren for the elimination cook-off while Chef Arrington chooses Mada. They must make a seafood dish to save themselves.

-It is a mad dash for the platform, since they only have 25 minutes to cook.

-Lauren makes a Thai inspired lobster dish, while Mada makes Asian inspired prawns.

-As they cook, everyone shouts advice and words of encouragement. (This would drive me NUTS!)

-Lauren realizes her dish is raw and she has very little time to finish cooking it.

-Before long, it is time for the two to present their dishes. They are given the pros and cons by the judges/mentors before it is revealed that Lauren is going home.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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